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This software needs few clicks to repair corrupt .docx file

Microsoft has come up with new file format because of its newly launched version of Office 2007 for Windows and Office 2008 for Mac. This format will be the number of XML files in compressed form. Using this DOCX file format it’s got to overcome the disadvantage of DOC format in which a substantial space for storage was required. Whereas in DOCX file format the space for storage essential for documents is greatly reduced when compared with Doc extendable. Moreover, it’s possible to open and edit .docx files in other text editors too. This facility was unavailable in case of .doc file of Word 2003 or previous older versions of .doc file.

Though .docx data format provides improved data security but still you will find possibilities it could get corrupt. It primarily occurs since archiving. As you may know .docx file is a package of XML files. A Word document is produced by compressing XML files in zip format and grouping. Sometimes on account of attack of virus or sudden system reboot during saving or editing of .docx file, zip compression might fail leading to corruption of docx file. Macro virus also can bring about corruption of docx file. They end up in your document once you insert some small program or picture inside Word document making drastic switch the signal from the information of document.

It will always be far better to take some precautions while working in MS Word on your PC. You should try to take regular backups of the important docx file for an external USB drive. They can be quite helpful if somehow your docx file gets corrupt on your system. Always keep upgraded and genuine antivirus software on your PC and make certain that your method is fully protected the slightest bit of virus attack. It may be that still for a few other reasons of Word file corruption; you cannot access your saved Word file documents. Now the question arises what other possible reason can bring about corruption of .docx Word files. A lot of them are listed below:

• Macro Virus:
This virus attacks the Word file documents whenever you try to embed any macro programs within it. These get multiplied if your program is further triggered and unexpectedly affects the structure with the file.
• Repeated Round Tripping:
Should you repeatedly convert your DOCX file from format to a new and again returning to the original format, this will facilitate that you observe the file in a variety of formats, and often will corrupt the saying file. This will likely cause inaccessibility of information inside Word document.
• Word File Download:
Whenever you download a thing DOCX file from the internet, it might get attacked from the virus files present on the internet. Because of this, the file becomes corrupt & you can’t look at the file.

Download Repair Word software
to fix .docx/.doc file. This first fix .docx file which was corrupted and then recovers all data from the Word document. The operation of recovery starts by scanning and extracting your data from corrupt or damaged .docx files. As soon as the repairing process you save the extracted text to new blank Word file. With this software you can save the recovered files at its original place, where it had been saved originally if it got corrupted or at another desired location chosen by the user. The software works with Windows7, Win Vista, Win XP, Win 2003, Win 2000 and NT.