Posted By keith
The possibility of web-based email recovery

Very often I am asked how one recovers accidentally deleted emails that were originally placed on a web based e-mail service. If you rely upon the free email services such as AOL or Gmail and accidentally delete messages, those messages will be temporarily stored in a trash bin. As long as the time allowed for recovery has not expired you can simply enter that trash bin and as you would with your Windows recycle bin restore any recently deleted messages.

Unfortunately when I am asked this people are trying to recover a message they deleted months beforehand. This is an impossibility and for this reason anyone who sends and receives a great quantity of emails should use a localized e-mail client such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. There are programs available that will help you to recover accidentally deleted emails on any PC based e-mail client. In fact using these programs one can recover deleted emails even if the entire folder has been discarded.