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Steps to recover Office files

Some times, you may accidentally delete office files from your PC / laptop, USB drives, memory cards, SD cards, zip drives, or any other removable storage media. You lose an important file and may later regret for losing the files. Office file recovery software is the most reliable recovery software that can retrieve all the lost Word documents, Excel spread sheets, PowerPoint presentations etc. if you act immediately after losing valuable files / folders.

File loss may occur if you have accidentally deleted the files, unintentionally formatting the drives, empting the Recycle Bin, deleting files using Shift + Delete key combination, re-formatting of the hard drive, move or cut operations done on files, software failure, OS crash, file system corruption and virus attack etc.

How can I restore deleted file?

Even after the files are lost after deletion, they still reside in the computer memory but the file system will not be able to fetch those files for you, as the pointers to those files are lost. If you did not act immediately, you may face the threat of losing the files permanently as they may be overwritten by the new files that are saved or written to the drive from which the files are lost making the recovery chances feeble.

Installing any file recovery software application (or any other applications) on the disk drive from which you have to recover lost / deleted office files may involve saving or writing of data on to the hard disk resulting in in data loss.

Therefore, it is suggested to install the file recovery application to a different computer / laptop or partition. Then connect the hard drive or USB drive from which you need to restore excel file, word document etc. as a secondary drive or slave and start recovering files. Save these recovered MS Office files to a safe location or a healthy drive or to any accessible storage device.