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Simple to Recover data from Hard Disk Drives

Hard drives are the best source to store data in computer systems. There are basically two types of hard drives one internal drives and other external hard drives. Internal ones are the system drives that come inbuilt within a system and external drives are the ones that are used by connecting externally to the system through USB port. The functionality of both the hard drives is same only difference is external hard drives are portable and removable whereas internal drives are not. Both the drive types have to be divided into partitions in order to make the drive perform better. Partitions are the isolated sections of the hard drive memory space each performing as a single OS. Each partition is independent of each other and data stored in one partition will not affect any other partitions.

Hard drives can store different file types such as text, document, spread sheets, pictures, music tracks, videos, movies, folders, various program files, including operating system. And the hard drives can be of SCSI, SATA, ATA, PATA, IDE, etc types. The data on hard drives can be lost in many unknown possible ways. Many times you regret after losing the data from hard drives and struggle to regain the lost files. Here is one such possible way of data loss from hard drive. Assume that your system hard drive had suddenly crashed due to continuous power fluctuations and so you had to face severe data loss. No data from the hard drive was able to access and thus you had to lose data. In this case the best remedy to restore the lost data will be using the best recovery software. The software helps to recover drive data from hard drives that had been corrupt. Many other situations in which you may face loss of hard drive data can be mentioned here:

  • Data loss due to formatting hard drive – Before you format any hard drive or any storage device, you need to maintain backup of required data in any external storage device. And thus accidental formatting of the drive or single partition on the drive leads to data loss as there won’t be any backup.
  • During data transfer – While transferring any data files from system drive to external storage devices like external HDD by connecting it to the system through USB cable, improper connectivity between the devices will damage the files that are being transferred and hence files will become inaccessible. Thus the situation results in data loss.
  • Accidental deletion of files – Deletion of files from system using Shift and delete key combination on Windows will make the deleted data to bypass Recycle Bin folder. This will lead to data loss because the deleted file cannot be restored back. And also when you delete files from command prompt on any system even that file will bypass Recycle Bin / Trash folder and hence you may lose the file when accidentally deleted.
  • Deleting partitions on the drive – While creating new partitions or while performing partitioning with the aid of third party partitioning tool, occurrence of any errors would cause deletion of certain partition data and hence you will lose precious data from hard drive partitions.

All these causes might result in severe loss of data from hard drive. And the best suggestion to retrieve lost drive data will be possible only by hard drive recovery program. The software eases your work of how to restore drive partition when you have lost partition data. The software can be utilized on various brands of hard drives so that you can easily know how to restore deleted data from Iomega external hdd, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, LaCie, Apple, Buffalo, etc. Here you can find the other special features of the software:

  • Deleted Data from different file systems of hard drives like FAT12, FAT16, NTFS, ExFAT, HFS+, etc. can be easily recovered back.
  • You can use this recovery tool to extract data from various storage devices like external HDD, flash memory cards, USB flash drives, etc.
  • Also retrieves data  from various types of hard drives like SATA, SCSI, PATA, etc with simple steps
  • Capable to recovering lost data from Emptied Recycle Bin and Trash folders.

You can effectively make use of this hard drive data recovery tool in many data loss situations like to restore deleted data from external hard drive, system drives, USB flash drives, partitions on the drives, etc.  And also it serves its best in recovering partition data on various Windows and Mac systems.