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Secure Way to Recover Data from Seagate Hard Drive

Help! Struck in Great Problem!

I have formatted the Seagate hard drive when the drive prompted me to do so, this happened in very hurry. Whatever stored in the drive is very important to me therefore can you help me out with some valuable suggestion.

Don’t worry, there is good news to you, you can get back all the lost data from formatted hard drive. These kind of situations arises mainly when the file system is damaged due to which the drive will not function until it is formatted.


Recovery after Format! Possible!

How is it possible? Is what you may be wondering. When the drive is formatted the file system will reset and all the pointers will be cleared thus every information associated with the data is now lost. However the data isn’t lost anymore. Every time when the data is deleted or when the drive is formatted, it is just the pointer which is cleared and not the data. This is the possible cause behind any data recovery solution, however only under certain specific conditions you can recover the lost data.

The data which is intact even after drive format has the possibilities of overwritten when there is any new data loaded onto drive. Thus do not work with the drive until you recover the data. In order to recover the data you need to utilize a third party utility which can recover data, here is one which can help you get there: Seagate Data Recovery Tool.

Helpful Facts – Seagate Data Recovery Tool

  • Help you recover data from hard drives that are crashed, non-booting, inaccessible, RAW and un-mountable
  • You can not only perform Seagate hard drive recovery but also other brands of hard drives such as Toshiba, Western Digital (WD), Iomega, LaCie, SanDisk, etc.
  • Recover files from other devices such as digital camera, iPods, USB drives, memory cards and many others
  • Data recovery is possible with SATA, SCSI, SSD and IDE hard drives. And supported file systems are NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFSX and HFS+
  • You can recover many kinds of files including video files, audio files, images, archives, documents and various others
  • Can be installed on all popular operating systems of Windows and Mac
  • Simple yet powerful utility to recover Seagate hard drive when it is re-partitioned, formatted or re-formatted
  • You can have a glimpse on the recovered data before storing it onto your accessible drive. Additionally you can save the recovered data onto CD / DVD, or in compressed form to save disk space

Safety Measures

  • Make backup of important data so that if something goes wrong you can easily get back your data
  • Avoid performing repartitioning until and unless you do not have better knowledge of it
  • Make use of good anti-virus program to shield your data from virus and other threats

Some Common Data Loss Situations

  • Emptying recycle bin or trash without looking into it whether it consists the required files
  • Pressing Shift Delete (in Windows computer) can lead to permanent data loss
  • Repartitioning the drive without any knowledge will lead to heavy data loss
  • At times application conflicts can result in data loss