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Retrieve files of all format using recovery software.

Files are the containers to store the co-related information. When the information is processed, it turns into data. No matter what sort of information is processed but lastly the files becomes important from user’s aspects. The dark side of the files is that they can be lost or deleted very easily if they are not gripped properly and after that it becomes difficult to easily undelete files.

Files with text are called text files. To construct this type of files Microsoft Word is used (mostly) which not only provides the facility to add text in the files but many more types of things can be added. The extra added advantage to use the Word is that it provides some of the emailing features like to merge mails, preview them, select the recipients etc. The Word application is really very powerful in their concentrated area to create files and provide extra added features to them.

Another application of Microsoft Office is PowerPoint. It expresses the idea in a very innovative and in an attractive way as well. PowerPoint is basically used to present some views in different styles. You can add pictures, audios, videos, etc to your presentation to make it look more attractive and expressive.

PowerPoint and Word both are applications of Microsoft Office. Though they are so powerful, but the files created using them faces few of the problems like deletion, loss, corruption etc. Though, you can restore word document and also other types of files, still you need to know why these trouncing of files takes place.

In order to know all the measures for loss & deletion, you have to give a clear view on those ways which you follow dealing with the data. If you overrule the protocols to use the files, then this will cause the deletion or loss of files & that is for sure.

  1. If you are working on the file/files either on Word or any other application, if hasty closing of the application takes place, then it could cause problems.
  2. Transferring the doc (other files) from one medium to another & meanwhile if power failure occurs then this will result in a loss of files.
  3. Shift + Delete button will result in deletion of files from the hard disk skipping the Recycle Bin and will result in complete deletion.

If you possess glimpse on these scenarios then you will come to know that the scenarios are very familiar to you, as this might happen to you once in a month. Then to avoid the deletion / loss of files you have to follow few precautions. Installation of antivirus, good power supply, closing of application & ejecting, must be done as per the guidelines. If everything is followed properly then most of the data loss scenarios will be finished. If you are lacking the files from your storage device then what could be done? Recovery using the tool can be done.

How to restore a deleted PowerPoint presentation or Word file?

If you want to recover the files then you have to use the recovery software. File Recovery Software is designed to recover files. No matter, which extension files are lost / deleted but the software is made to recover every type of files like DOC, PST, PPTX, etc.