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Repair Corrupted DIVX Video Files

DivX (Digital Video Express) is a video file format developed by DivX, Inc formerly DvXNetworks, Inc. Nowadays DivX files become quite popular due to compression ability which makes video segments to almost 15% of the original file (For example 2 GB video file near about 700 MB) but maintains relatively high visual quality. In addition DivX codec is also currently the renowned MPEG – 4 based codec because of its outstanding quality, efficiency, speed and moreover wide range of DVD players support this file format. However, in spite of all these spectacular features at times DivX files stored in computer \ laptop hard drive might get corrupt \ damage due to logical glitches or human faults.

Consider this real time scenario:

Hi friends, I am having numerous DivX video files in my system since from one year and they are playing well in all video players without any issues. But today when I tried to open DivX files in video player, it displayed an error message “unable to play the file”, “This video file is corrupted” or “file format not supported”, etc. Now I am not able to understand what went wrong with my DivX files because none of the files are playing in any video player, so please someone assist me the solution to repair divx video files. Any sort of help will be truly appreciated! Well in advance thanks a lot…..       

Hey don’t worry! Now it’s not a big task to repair corrupt divx files because with the help of this video repair software you can easily fix all the issues with few clicks of mouse. This utility has the ability of repairing divx video files, which are corrupted after improper download, inappropriate synchronization, etc.

Before moving ahead towards repair process, let’s have a look on some scenarios liable for divx file corruption is as follows:

  • While downloading divx files over internet, if any sort of interruption occurs then there could be chance of corruption issues.
  • At the time of transferring divx video files from computer to external storage device or vice versa, if any interruption happens like sudden PC turn off, unexpected power failure, system freeze, etc. then those divx files might get damage \ corrupt.

Here are a few scenarios when you can make use of this software:

  • You might have observed certain situations when playing a DivX file wherein the audio and video streams are not synchronized together. This tool separates the audio and video streams and combines both together to form a seamless video file.
  • The file header may be corrupted due to various reasons. The header file is a vital requirement which carries the file name, size, file extension etc. Any harm caused to the header file makes the DivX file inaccessible later.
  • Sometimes you may get an error while accessing your QuickTime file saying “This file cannot be opened- Error 8971”. This tool can fix such errors of DivX file which usually occurs due to sudden system shutdown as a result of power surge, forceful shutdown etc.
  • Due to bad sectors on hard disk, there may be extra bits added into the file causing CRC errors to be generated in it. This may not allow the file to be played and may give errors like “File cannot be opened” and so on.
  • Sometimes you may encounter video files where only the audio stream plays but they’re not accompanied by the video stream.

Why to use video repair software?

This is the most recommended tool because it repair corrupt divx files on chief versions of Windows OS (Windows Server 2003, 2008, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows XP) and Mac OS X (Snow Leopard, Lion, Leopard, Mountain Lion, Yosemite, Mavericks, etc). This software makes use of a simple interface and requires only a few steps to complete the repair process. Another advantage of this software is that it lets you view the repaired file before you restore it to any desired location on your computer. By making use of this application, you can even repair corrupted divx files on external hard drive, USB drive, memory cards, memory sticks, FireWire drive, etc with few mouse clicks.

Precautionary measure to prevent DivX files corruption:

  • With updated antivirus software scan your system \ laptop once in a week to get clear from virus intrusion
  • Maintain significant divx files backup and store them on some external storage device in order to get them easily if any disaster strikes on PC
  • Don’t interrupt divx transfer process
  • Don’t use untrustworthy third party application to play divx video files.