Posted By keith
Recovery of partition data after formatting

How is one to restore their computer to operation if the operating system files have become corrupted and the computer’s internal hard disk drive will not allow the PC to boot? There are two options available. The first, which is the most preferable, is to connect that hard drive up to a second PC as a slave unit and use the operating system on that PC to access all stored files. These files are then copied to a safe external location. However if one also needs to recover from that hard drive damaged or deleted files the process of accessing the data on the crashed hard drive must be undertaken using a powerful data recovery program. These programs are designed for the task of reconstructing deleted files.

The second option which is somewhat unique is to reload your Windows operating system on to your PC prior to file recovery. This process will reformat your computer’s internal hard drive and subsequently delete all data. You will then need to recover formatted data using a similar powerful third party data recovery utility. This should be noted that one attempts to recover formatted partition information in this manner the percentage of recoverable files is far less than when attempting recovery prior to reloading the operating system.