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Recover FAT partitions in Windows

FAT get its name from the kind of database it uses called as File Allocation Table, which contains an entry for each cluster on the disk. It was created by Microsoft in 1977 and since then it has undergone several revisions. FAT is computer file system architecture now widely used on many computer, pen drives and most memory cards, such as those used with digital cameras. It is commonly found on floppy disk, flash memory cards, digital cameras, and many other portable devices because of their relatively simplicity. FAT was commonly used on hard disks throughout DOS and Windows 9x eras, but its use on hard drives has declined since the introduction of Windows XP, which primarily uses the newer New Technology File System (NTFS). The successive major versions of the FAT are FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32. The FAT standards have also been expanded in other ways while generally preserving backward compatibility with existing software. This makes it a useful format for solid state memory cards and a convenient way to share data between operating systems. If FAT partitions of your hard drive get deleted or corrupted due to some common errors then you can recover FAT partition using partition recovery software.

With the advent of NTFS, usage of FAT file system has been restricted to USB drives, pen drives, and memory cards. The popularity of NTFS over FAT is due to the advanced features are supported by NTFS file system. There are laptops and USB drives that make use of FAT file system. The major setback of FAT file system with respect to the data loss is that the file system lacks a good crash recovery or security option, which automatically makes FAT file system more prone to data loss.

Some of the common scenarios for the loss of data on a hard drive with FAT file system are virus attack, malware, accidental deletion of partitions and loss of partitions due to hard drive crash. Data loss can also occur if you convert the file system from FAT to NTFS. You can recover it with the help of good data recovery software. Switching over from FAT to NTFS is not the only way you lose data from partitions. Formatting the partition, corruption of partition and deletion of partitions will cause data loss. Partition corruption can be caused by software malfunction or improper shut down of the system. Data lost from partitions can be recovered if the data is not overwritten by other files or programs.

If you have lost data after switching your file system to NTFS from FAT, you need to use recovery software that can recover data from FAT partitions. Some of the software available can recover data from both FAT as well as NTFS partitions. Remo Re cover (Windows) РPro Edition is powerful recovery software that can recover your data from lost/missing partition, formatted, re-formatted partitions FAT and NTFS volumes in Windows operating system. You can try demo version of the Remo Recover Software, which is freely available in internet. Once you are satisfied with recovery result, go ahead and purchase the full version of this software.