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Recover Deleted or Lost Files in Easy Way

Files have lot of important information’s which are stored on the computer hard drive or any other storage drive which can be retrieve, update and access in safe and simple manner. Files may be of different types like images, audios, documents, videos, animations and so on. Loss of files occurs in many different ways and user must be ready for this type of incident. Sometimes files saved in the computer hard drive may be lost because of some reasons like accidental format, file transfer interruption, virus attack, unintentional deletion, etc. In such circumstances, most of the users may think that data will be lost or deleted permanently from the computer and may go panicked. But, the truth is that the lost or deleted files can be recovered that means those files are not completely lost from your computer, but present in the hard drive of your computer but it made inaccessible.

File Restore software is the best and effective recovery software to recover all your lost or deleted files from hard drive, USB drive, external drive, digital camera memory chip, mobile phone, memory card, iPod and other storage devices that are missing due to several reasons such as accidental deletion, formatting the drive, virus attack, improper partitioning, software faulty or other unknown reasons. File Restore software has strong built-in algorithm that restore your files from hard disk on Windows machine as well as Mac OS in a few simple steps.

Some reasons for Losing Files:

Unintentional Deletion: Due to user’s lack of concentration this situation appears. It occurs when you accidentally delete your important files using Shift + Delete button while deleting unwanted files from the hard disk of your system in order to create free space for new files to be saved. This causes file loss scenario from your system.

Formatting the Disk: Similarly, you can format your hard disk whenever you would like. Loss of files occurs when user has formatted wrong drive instead of formatting some other drive. Such type of incidence leads to loss of complete data from your particular hard drive. In this position, File Restore software can resolve the issue in very small amount of time.

File System Corruption:  In the computer system, file system is essential component that keep track of the location of your files and folders without which data stored is inaccessible on your system. If it gets corrupted by any of such reasons like virus attack, power surge, abnormal shutdown, then it does not allow you to access your important files. As a result a severe data loss situation arises.

Virus Attack: This may be the cause for the loss of files from system’s hard drive. Viruses are the harmful worms which might cause undesired changes to your files that mean it may corrupt or damage your valuable files. This results to severe loss of files from your hard drive.

Important Features of Data Recovery Windows software:

  1. File Restore software is the dominant and effective data recovery tool which rigorously scans and recover files that are lost or deleted due to various unknown reasons in a safe and protected manner.
  2. This application has advance built-in algorithm which helps you to restores all your lost files from different storage devices such as hard disk, USB drive, external drive, digital camera, memory card, iPods and other storage devices.
  3. It can easily recover files from various file system like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExtFAT, HFSX OR HFS+ file system.
  4. This utility has separate versions available for both Windows and Mac operating system.
  5. It can restore back your erased files from RAID1, RAID0, and RAID5 array effortlessly.