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Know How to Access Your PC Files Remotely

2121In this technical era, people uses system and smart phones. Generally they save their information like contact number, email address, etc. in mobile or desktop. While using system, they want to sync their information with system. So to sync or get connected with entire information stored in smart phone or system, you need an application which enables you to sync information automatically.
In order to performing synchronization operations between the devices, Pushbullet is an advanced application which generally transfers the messages between devices. This application is available for different platforms including, mobile phones, desktop, web app, browser extension along with standalone program. Pushbullet application is mainly used for sending text messages, links, images or file across devices, automatically synchronizing clipboards and displaying notifications of a smart phone on the system. With the help of this utility, user can send messages from their device to other user device easily.

In other word, we can say that, it is service which is used to fill the gaps between the devices like mobiles and desktops. It is advanced way to get connected with your mobile phones. If you have not used Pushbullet recently, then it is a good time to check out all the cool stuff it can do. It also makes the use of Chrome’s rich notification system to show you notifications that have been mirrored from your browser or sent from the Pushbullet tool to your device.

Like Pushbullet, Firefox browser also has a similar notification function, however, it is a little bit less robust. With the help of this tool, you can send the link from your system Chrome or Firefox extension, to your phone or tablet with the click of a button. If you want to send a link to a page, Pushbullet will automatically fill in the title and link, so that you can select the device and hit push to send it.

For copying a file like pictures, videos, music files, PDFs, APKs from device to another, Pushbullet app just copy them easily. If you want to open a map address from desktop to mobile phone, then it simply sends the link of that particular address to the mobile phones. Even you can also send the address without opening the maps with the address functions. If you want to add a link as a contact in Pushbullet, then you can send pushes to the other phone by simply changing the target device.