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How to Move Outlook Personal Folders to New Computer?

Microsoft Outlook is email client application which comes with the package of Microsoft Office suite. It is used to control the deluge of emails, appointments, notes, contacts, etc. and helps the user to manage the time and tasks very effectively. To manage the emails Outlook consists of two files namely PST file and OST file. When the user configure email in Outlook all the emails, tasks, journals, contacts, reminders, notes, RSS feeds etc. gets stored in personal storage table. OST file allows the user used to create, send and delete mail when there is no internet connectivity.

When the user want to upgrade MS Outlook old version to its latest version they need to transfer their  PST file from older Outlook application version to new Outlook application version. As it contains Outlook attributes like emails, contacts, notes, tasks, journals, etc. So a backup of PST file is necessary while transferring it to new Outlook version. If a particular backup of PST file is not provided the files gets deleted permanently and all the Outlook attributes become inaccessible. In order to move Outlook personal folders to new computer a backup of PST file is necessary, if you forgot to keep backup, don’t upset under such situations because you can retrieve your deleted Outlook attributes with the help of Migrate Outlook software.

Common causes due to which you need to Migrate MS Outlook:

  • While Upgrading Outlook Version: While up grading the Microsoft Outlook old version to new version, if any interruption occurs like abrupt shutdown of the system, or error due to any software conflicts, etc. then it leads to the corruption of PST files and the files become inaccessible.
  • Outlook Freezing: Repeated freezing of Outlook may also lead to the corruption of Outlook PST file. Due to this, no activities can be carried out on it and the user has to forcefully close the Outlook.
  • While Re-installing OS: While re-installing the operating system to its newer version, the user has to format the hard drive. So it is necessary to take the backup of PST file to another storage location.
  • Abrupt Shutdown: While sending or receiving the email through Outlook, if the user suddenly turn off the system, then the PST files gets deleted. Due to this they have to suffer valuable file lost. 

Features of Migrate Outlook software:

  • Easily Supports Outlook resettlement on Windows operating systems (such as Windows server 2003, 2007, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc.)
  • This software is used to move Outlook personal folders to new computer and provide back up of all the Outlook data including PST files and other Outlook attributes.
  • It consists of a powerful algorithm which is used to relocate Outlook 2010 PST file to Outlook 2013 PST file, without having any difficulty.
  • It is used to resettle Outlook data such as emails, notes, tasks, contacts, journals, calendar, reminders, etc.
  • By the use of Migrate Outlook software there is no data loss at the time of PST file migration process.