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Guidelines on How to Recover Lost Data from USB Flash Drive

USB drive is a small portable device used for storing and transferring data from computer and laptop to flash drive and vice versa. It uses serial bus interface for data transfer. It is stores various types of data such as documents, images, photos, audio, video, PDF files, etc. But sometimes due to known or unknown reasons the data on USB flash drive gets deleted or lost. The situation becomes worst when you come to know that the lost data has no backup.

Recover lost data from USB flash drive

If such kind of situation arises, don’t get panic because the lost data can be easily recovered by using Lost Data Recovery Software. This software is a read only tool which recover lost data on USB drive without changing the original data. This is 100 percent safe and secure application which is compatible on both Windows and Mac based computers.

Common reasons behind the loss of data from USB flash drive:

  • USB flash drive is used on computers and laptop for transferring different types of files such as audio, video, images, PDF files, documents, etc. While making use of USB flash drive on different systems, improper ejection will happens and this lead to corruption of flash drive. So, you are not able to access any data from USB flash drive.
  • Formatting is one of the easiest command availed over different USB flash drive. You may accidentally apply this command on USB flash drive and henceforth lose entire data present in that drive.
  • While accessing any data from USB flash drive, third party interruption may damage the drive and your data may get deleted from that drive.
  • Some other reasons which are responsible for deletion of data from USB flash drive are header file corruption, excessive bad sectors, file system corruption, unintentional formatting, etc.

In all these situations, you need to use Lost Data Recovery software for recovering deleted data from different types of USB flash drive. In order to recover lost data from USB drive, care should be taken that no new data can be saved on the deleted data as this overwrite the deleted data. So, to recover data from the USB flash drive just make use of this software which easily retrieve deleted files in few simple steps.

Features of Lost Data Recovery Software:

This tool recovers files from different external drives such as FireWire drive, flash drive, memory cards, external USB drive, etc. It also retrieve data from FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS5 file system. Its powerful scanning engine helps to scan the entire drive within few minutes to locate and recover lost data from USB flash drive. It can recover lost data on USB drive on  the basis of their unique signature and the recovered files can be sorted with the help of file name, file size, file type and creation date. It also recover files from RAID 0, RAID 1, and RAID 5 partition array. This software has the ability to restore more than 280 types of data. This software provides you a “Save Recovery Session” feature, using this app you resume the recovery session at any time.