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Easily undelete deleted folders

Deleting a folder that contains your project and all project related data might put you is some serious trouble and make you pay a heavy price after committing this mistake. Just imagine that all your hard work that you did for a whole month and completed your project with a systematic report, so that you can easily present it to your client. Before you do this it got deleted by you a day before its submission. This incident might hurt you a lot and it’s impossible to complete or redo that work in just one day which took a month to get complete. The only thing that can rescue you from the problem is a backup of the project. If you find then you saved yourself from a very dangerous situation that can hurt you emotionally as well as financially.  But what if you’re not so lucky?? This will definitely make you worried until and unless you find your project back. Don’t worry undelete folder is the one that can rescue you from this horrible situation and get you back deleted folder that contained your project. Using this you can undelete folder that got deleted from you in a matter of few minutes.

Folders allow you to manage your data in a systematic way, so that whenever you need to access particular data you can access it easily by just opening that particular folder. Unfortunately mistakes do happen and folders may get deleted by landing you in data loss situations.  Some of the scenarios are mentioned below, which you may come across.

Unintentional deletion: In cases such as emptying the recycle bin by pressing Shift  Del or by using command prompt for deleting a folder may delete folder permanently from your computer. Unauthorized access to your computer may also delete folders from your computer.

Deletion from recycle bin: Hard disk memory for recycle bin is assigned up to 10% of the hard drive and it’s default in some windows systems. When you delete a folder that contained lots of data then the folder may bypass the recycle bin and get deleted permanently.

Due to Virus threats: malicious programs like virus, malware can get affected to your system data and may delete some of important folders from your system. Users who connect their systems to internet are more prone to these kind of threats.

Formatting a drive: Formatting the drive without taking the essential backup of the folders may delete folders from your hard drive and result in data loss. Many of the users suffer from this problem but relax you can safely recover folders from formatted drive using this powerful product.

Steps to be followed after deleting a folder:

Stop the sudden use of the drive or to be on safer side stop the use of your computer or laptop until you recover those folders back.

Avoid formatting and reformatting of the drive after deleting folders.

Don’t install the recovery software on the drive from where you need to recover folders.

Even many of the computer users think that folders deleted from a computer are gone for a toss and won’t return to them. But that’s not the case, the folders which are deleted by you are still present on the hard drive. So you will be thinking that why don’t you see them? Actually when you delete folders you actually delete the pointer that is accessing that folder and when you delete the folder or data from your computer pointer to that particular data is deleted due to which you can see that folder, because the operating system removes it from the file table and make that space free for the addition of new data.

Deleted folder can only be undeleted if it is not overwritten by the new data for that, as a precaution it is advised not to use the drive from which you deleted the folder. It is better to start using the folder recovery software as soon as possible. Software is loaded with smart recovery programs and capable of recovering folders of several GB sizes. It scans the complete drive using an advance scanning program by retrieving files over 300 of various file formats. You can use this software to undelete recycle bin folders that got deleted after emptying the recycle bin. Not just folders files like audio, video, document can also be restored using this smart tool. So whenever you deleted any of your data or folders you can always take help of folder recovery software and get them back by clicking few simple mouse buttons.