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Simple Way of Recovering Data from iPod Nano

“Recently my iPod Nano froze while working with few files; even after waiting for some time, the status remained the same. So I decided to switch off the system, and dismounted iPod to check files are working perfectly or not. But to my surprise, many of the files on my iPod Nano went missing. I don’t want to lose any of files. Can anyone suggest me, how to recover iPod Nano?”

iPod Nano is one among the famous digital player that is being introduced by Apple. It is being used to listen songs, watch video clips, view pictures, read notes, record audios and many more. The small size, eye catching design, high storage capacity and easy to use makes iPod Nano really special for among users around the world. It may have lot of advanced features but it doesn’t make the device free from data loss situations and we have to say it follows the same path like any storage device when it comes to data loss. Even though the need for user is how to recover iPod Nano? Let’s also study some common reasons that lead to data loss from iPod Nano which might come handy while dealing such scenarios.

Causes that lead to data loss from iPod Nano?

  • Human Errors: It’s so common with users, by mistake user might remove files from iPod Nano while performing some other task.
  • Corruption: Harmful viruses like Trojan, spyware, worm and many more infected on your system might get attached with iPod Nano when connected to it, this can cause huge data loss situations.
  • Error with iTunes: If you are using an older version of iTunes application that is not compatible with your iPod Nano then you might receive error message causing data loss
  • Mishandling the device: Removing your iPod Nano during the synchronization of files or using it on different operating system might leads to severe data loss situations or makes the files inaccessible.
  • Resetting to Factory Settings: In order to overcome problems of the device like freezing, corruption, format errors, user might make use of reset to factory settings option this can lead to complete loss of data from iPod Nano.

If you are one among those who loss data due to such circumstances, you don’t have to worry anymore. First thing to grasp is by the deletion of files as mentioned in the above cases, the files are not completely erased from the device. It occupies the space in the storage area itself. But it is not visible to you as the address location is removed from the device. Hence it is possible to recover iPod Nano, but for that you also have to ensure that, no new files are stored after the loss of data. Secondly, you can avail the services of Recover My iPod application, which is specifically built to recover files deleted or lost from iPod Nano.

Recover My iPod application is an easy to use application that helps user to recover permanently erased files from iPod Nano. This tool identifies and recovers all types of file format like pictures, audios, videos, documents, compressed documents, etc. It is compatible to recover data from iPod Nano from various versions of Windows and Mac operating system.

More features of Recover My iPod

  • The extremely user friendly graphical interface that comes along with this tool ensures user with less knowledge on technology can also effectively use this tool to recover iPod Nano with extreme ease.
  • Apart from recovering files from iPod Nano this tool can also be employed to recover memory cards, hard disk volume, USB pen drive, music player, etc.
  • You can use the trial version of this tool to test the efficiency of this tool in recovering files from iPod Nano, but for saving the files recovered you have to opt for the full version of this tool.
  • The recovered files can be stored into any of the storage device as destined by the user, it can also be sorted according to date of modification, size, file name, etc.

Windows 7 Recovery:


Windows 7 is succeeded by the latest Windows 8 version and preceded by Windows vista. When compared to vista, it possesses some performance boosting features. It has some new items added to its control panel like color calibration wizard, clear type text tuner, Recovery, Troubleshooting, Work Space center, location and other censors, etc. Some standard application like Windows Mail, Windows Calendar, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker, etc. but those applications are provided free of cost with Windows Essential Toolkit. It is the highest pre-ordered product in the history surpassing Seventh Harry Potter Book. It is given 4.5 out of 5 in CNET website. It is praised by PC world as “worthy successor”.

Assume that you have separate logical hard disk to store your official information. You have been using that disk since many years and the disk memory is filled completely with the data. You have wanted to increase the memory of the particular logical hard drive so that your official data can be organized well. So you took back up of all the files, formatted and repartitioned the hard disk again. Then you came to know that you have not taken back up of certain important file. Do you need the formatted data? Are you worrying about the data lost? No need to worry and yes, it can be easily recovered back using Windows 7 Recovery Software. Because when you delete a file, it is not erased from the hard disk. It is just flagged by operating system to some other data to be over written. This software effectively scans and recovers data. It possess strong algorithm designed by experts in the field. This software can also used recover files lost through virus infection, data deleted by pressing shift + delete keys, data deleted through DOS prompt, data emptied from the recycle bin.  This software also recovers data from crashed or in accessible hard disks. Once the data is overwritten, then it cannot be recovered. So if you want to restore your lost data, do not overwrite that logical drive till the recovery. The chances of losing the data through virus infection are more, so use updated versions of anti-virus software. Use UPS system to your computer, so that sudden power loss does not affect your computer. While removing USB drives, memory cards, memory stick, etc…use the “safe remove hardware” utility properly. Before shutting down the operating system, close the applications properly. To use the software: Download the Windows 7 Recovery and install it Select the “RECOVER FILES” option from the main screen. Select the “RECOVER DELETED FILES” from the next screen. Select the “PREVIEW” option to preview the recovered files. Grab your trial version here. Demo version only shows the recovered files and it cannot be saved to other location.


Features of the software:

  • It supports more than 300 file formats
  • It has ability to add or edit new signatures
  • File systems like NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, etc. can be supported by this software.
  • Different types of hard drives such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc… can be supported
  • It works on both 16 bit and 32 bit computers
  • “save recovery session” allows one to save the recovered files
  • “Preview” allows you to see the recovered files

Astounding way of performing the picture recovery in memory card.

Recover pictures from memory card

Memory card is known as a preferred flash memory space which is used for storing all kind of media files and in that memory space we can store pictures, music, video files and all the media content and your important files sometimes. So, you’ll simply store all types of files like music, videos, docs, and graphic archives. Memory cards are extensively used in camera, cell phone, MP3 players, Smartphone’s, portable pc’s, and in many additional things.

As you might know, pictures solely represent a lot more than any other files in a memory card. These are only once-in-a-lifetime captures that keep up the cherished memories of your social occasion. Something that’s very unique, private and irreplaceable. Whether it’s a family get together where you were the unauthorized photographer or for a photo shoot for a client’s wedding, it is extremely crucial and very important that you keep those photos in tact.

Anyhow, the memory card has a small cache memory and is capable of holding only fewer amounts of your files. When the memory card came into market for the first time exclusively on the market, nobody ever thought about how to restore pictures which are lost or deleted accidentally from the memory card. This is the reason why people tend to lose important files and beautiful pictures all the time. But, what if you have lost them accidentally and want to recover memory card contents back at any cost?

No need of getting frightened. Just sit back and take a deep breath, then try to get relieved from all those inadvertent problems. What, I’m trying to say is that, we organizations have already moved fast and acted quickly, by releasing a tremendously useful tool so as to recover pictures from memory card. Our recovery tool has all the desired capabilities to perform all kinds of recovery business pertaining to your memory card.

Let’s run into some scenarios from where you are prone to lose your most valuable pictures:

  • When your memory card says it has encountered an error, while transferring or storing some content on it. In this situation you tend to lose all your pictures clicked from your digital camera or cell phone.
  • When the entire file system of the memory card has been corrupted. This damage makes the connections to the pictures of the MFT (master file table) to vanish.
  • When your memory card is slightly broken and you’re not being able to access your pictures present in it.
  • Formatting your memory card inadvertently, when you confront a pop up message saying that, you need to format your device else you’ll not be able to access your pictures present in it and so on.
  • The most equiprobable scenario which might happen to the best of us is that, you accidentally delete the files in your memory card or lose them due to a third party program installed in your PC i.e. by an antivirus.

So in all the above mentioned cases there are ample number of chances for you to lose your valuable pictures and files. But, there’s absolutely nothing to brood if you lose them since you have our most proficient recover pictures from memory card software.

Steps for memory card recovery:

Step 1: Connect your memory card to your PC and then run our recovery tool.

Step 2: On the main screen there’ll be three options select recover pictures, and then select the particular drive to be scanned for the lost pictures.

Step 3: You can choose just picture or digital raw picture base on your requirements.

Step 4: when the process of scanning is done on a selected drive, you can preview your files prior to restoration.

Step 5: After recovering the pictures, you can save them to a destination folder in your PC.

Some significant tips to follow:

  • Try re-inserting the memory card into your camera and check out once.
  • Recharging the battery of your device which holds your memory card.
  • Connect your memory card to your PC via card reader.
  • Try reformatting the memory card and do not use it much for the purpose of storing the pictures again. Then later go for our picture recovery tool, which instantly shows you quick results.

Fingers crossed hoping for the best recovery ever. You can download the trial version of the tool and try it out. If you are ravished by its performance, then go for buying the fully certified and licensed version of our software. Do not install pirated versions of the software as they can do more unanticipated harm to your computer.



Tips to Recover Data from Hard Drive

You have formatted the hard drive to reinstall the operating system. If you have arranged your hard drive without having any stand in of your worthful files you will lose all the information stored in the disk drive. No need to panic you can easily recover formatted disk drive by using cash advance recovery programme. This application too recoups lost single files from partitions, re-partitioning, damaged dividers and re-formatting and even after reformat. This computer software allows you to recover hard disk data from both file system such as FAT data recovery and NTFS data recovery. This usefulness creates deleted Indian file recovery fast and easier and it is reliable to use. Before mending files from formatted disk drive you need to follow these steps given below:

  • Do not employ the hard drive further to perform read. Once it is completely formatted. This goes to overwrite your old information by new data.
  • Don’t apply any new information reinstate software package or do not try to install any software system to the format hard disk.
  • Do not attempt to re start the disc drive this could lead to permanent data loss.

Tips to recover data from hard drive

To achieve your deleted data files safely you need best hard drive recovery software. This computer software should be capable of recovering single files from different file types and from respective data loss situations. The application allows you to preview the recovered files before saving. Preview option helps lodge recovery easier. Always download the free trial version of the software program and evaluate the ability of the software program in recouping lost files form formatted disc drive. To get back data files shape formatted disc drive follow the below given steps.

  • Relate the formatted disc drive to a healthy system as a secondary hard drive.
  • Put in formatted drive recovery computer programme to the organization.
  • Test the package to regain cancelled lost data.
  • Follow the instructions to retrieve erased information from formatted disc drive.