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How to Recover Data from Kingston Memory Card?

It is quite common that people prefer to store some of their precious memories as a token of remembrance. So most of the times the memories are captured as photos and stored on storage devices like system hard drives, memory cards, etc that make you to access the data whenever necessary. Since the storage devices can get damaged due to number of reasons, the data stored on it might be lost most certainly. Assume that you connected your Kingston memory card to transfer all the photos stored on it to another storage device. When you started the file transfer process there was sudden power surge and the file transfer was dismissed. Later when you switch on the system to continue the file transfer and noticed that the memory card was not opening. This was due to the reason that the memory card was corrupted.  There are plenty of reasons that result in photo loss from Kingston memory card.

The Reasons that Cause Loss of Data from Kingston Memory Card are:

Virus Attack: When the storage devices like memory cards undergo virus attack the data stored on it gets corrupt and the card will not respond to the commands given. Interface / connectivity: When the memory card is been connected with the system and data is being processed from it, if there is any interference in the connectivity then the data from it can be lost.

Accidental Deletion: If you accidentally select delete all option while viewing photos from memory card on camera then it deletes all the photos from memory card.

Format / Re-format: When you format the memory card, all the data stored there will be erased and thus leading to data loss.

There are many such situations that cause severe data loss from memory cards and system hard drives. However there is no need to worry as you can recover those lost photos using recovery software. There is one such software that can easily restore pictures from Kingston memory card effectively. This software can recover all media files like video files, photo files, audio songs and movies easily and efficiently.

The software performs scanning of the lost files from the device and recovers all the data that are accidentally deleted, corrupted or lost due to some activities. The software serves as the best photo recovery software for various brands of memory cards like Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend, Sony, Samsung, etc. The software can be used to restore lost data from various kinds of memory devices like flash memory cards, SD cards, Micro SD cards, memory stick, pen drives, etc. Also the recovery program helps to retrieve deleted pictures from pc i.e. personal computer.

The features of the software that increases the performance of the recovery software are –

  • Recovers all the photo files from memory cards and system hard drive.
  • Restores all photo file types like JPEG, PNG, CR2, NEF, ARW, GIF, etc from various storage devices.
  • Easily restores all the data from corrupt Kingston memory card.
  • Retrieves all the data that is accidentally deleted from PC.
  • Effectively retrieves data from formatted or re-formatted memory cards.
  • Recovers all media files from corrupt memory cards due to virus attack.

If you have encountered any such data loss or photo loss situations and looking for good recovery software here is the best solution to solve your problem of data loss and restore the data. The software can be used on any memory device that is corrupt to recover all sort of lost data.  The program is available in two forms demo version and actual complete version.  You can restore data using demo version of the software and if satisfied purchase the complete software for better usage.

Recover Photos from Memory Card

Secure Digital Card (SD Card) is a tiny portable device used to store data onto it. As this is a portable device, it can fit into any electronic gadgets and can store any sort of data like audios, videos, images, documents, etc. Even though the cards are extremely small, they can hold up to 32GB of data.

Among all the media files mentioned above, video files having file extension .mov are crucial files that are stored on SD card. MOV video file is a common multimedia format which often used for saving movies and all other video files by using a compression algorithm developed by Apple Computer. This MOV files are used by the QuickTime-wrapped files. MOV files are often used because these files can be easily converted to other video file formats.

In case you have a problem with playing your MOV files stored on SD Cards due to some reasons, then there is nothing to be worried as you can easily recover your lost or deleted files from formatted or corrupted SD Cards by using an advanced software known as SD Card Recovery Software which really help you to recover your MOV files from SD Cards. You must keep your SD Card in idle mode to recover deleted .mov from SD Cards; else it will result in permanent data loss. In order to know more details about jpeg file recovery from corrupt SDHC card you can check it out:

Scenarios for which you need to use SD Card Recovery Software to Recover Deleted MOV files:

Virus Attack: If you interface your SD Card to the virus infected device, then your SD Card may get corrupt as a result, you will lose your important data files such as MOV video files.

Unintentional Deletion / Format: Unintentionally deleting files from your SD Card and formatting your SD card will lead to data loss for which you need to make use of SD Card Recovery Software to restore media files such as MOV video files.

File System Corruption: If the file system of your SD Card is getting corrupted then it will lead to inaccessibility of your important files such as MOV video formats. So you can use SD Card Recovery Software to retrieve files from SD Card.

Interruption: While accessing files from SD card on your computer a sudden removal of SD Card may result in data loss that may also include your MOV video files.
Power Failure: Power failure during file transfer from SD Card to computer or vice versa may lead to data loss.

Advanced features regarding SD Card Recovery Software:

SD Card Recovery Software is simple and easy to recover MOV files from SD Cards. It allows you to recover files from formatted or reformatted SD Cards. It has the ability to recover files from several types of flash cards like SD, CF. SDHC, SDXC, MMC cards, etc. It has advanced algorithm that scans your entire memory card to recover photos from card. You can save recovered files from SD cards on any external drive or CD/ DVD. This tool enables you to preview the recoverable files before saving. It is compatible with newer versions of Windows and Mac OS.

Application software to recover data from corrupted memory card!!

Memory card is a small storage chip that is widely used in portable devices to provide additional storage support. It is used in various portable devices including camcorders, iPods, mobile phones, digital cameras, etc. There are so many brands companies available in market that is manufacturing memory card including Kingston, Lexar, PNY, SanDisk, Transcend, PQI etc. this small chip is capable to store data in GB’s. Actually, it is available in market from a range 1 to 64 GB and capable to store data like audios, videos, photos etc. Sometimes it has happened, data within memory card goes inaccessible to its user. It might be due to various issues including improper usage of SD card, virus infection, sudden system shutdown, Power failure and so on.

If you are in such a condition and looking for a solution of your question i.e. “why I could not see my SD memory card files” then you are right destination. When you become unable to access data from memory card then certainly, it is due to corruption issues. To fix such issues, you may try Corrupted Memory Card Recovery tool and successfully revive your vital data from damaged memory card. With the help of this tool, you can recover data from SD memory card on operating system including Mac as well as Windows. Let us go through some causes that may push you to use this recovery tool. Virus attack, when you connect your memory card to infected system then there is a chance of virus relocation into memory card. Once it is transfer into memory card then it may target header information. As the header information is corrupted then you become unable to access memory card data further.

Improper ejection of memory card may lead to corruption of memory card. When you connect your memory card to system in order to perform some operation, while doing so if somehow the memory card is ejected then it may lead to corruption of memory card and you become incapable to access memory card data further. Power surge is another reason that may lead to loss of data from memory card. It is sometimes happened, when user works on memory card via computer and in the meanwhile, power failure is occurred then it might lead to sudden system shutdown. Once a system shutdown abnormally then next there is a chance of file system corruption and as it happens then you become incapable to access memory card further.

Various other human errors that may lead to corruption of memory card, but find less in real life. After losing data in such a way then next there is no need to think other options. Just make use above-mentioned tool and successfully perform corrupt memory card recovery with ease. In case you are the person, who are in such a severe condition and get tired due to continuous searching for an effective revival tool but failed at the end. Here you need to opt this memory card revival tool and further you can access your memory card data as you were doing before.

Formatted memory card recovery software

The storage devices in present day are very user friendly with its attractive features. Memory card, a very popular mass storage device can be easily mounted on any device to store different data. These portable storage devices are used on most of the gadgets like Smart phones, cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders, etc. There are wide varieties of memory card models and most prominent brands are Sony, SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, Lexar and Samsung.

These memory card data can be lost due to varieties of reasons.  Think of one scenario in which you had inserted the memory card of your digicam onto the system through USB interface. When you inserted the card, the system asked you to format the card. Without thinking further you just clicked yes and confirmed the system to format the memory card. After formatting you realized that the card had most of the unusual captured pictures stored in it. This tremendous mistake of yours’ caused all the data from the memory card due to accidental formatting. But, these kind of lost data can be recovered back easily with few recovery programs. Browse around here to gain access for the best software to recover card data lost after format.

Following are the scenarios that result in loss of card data –

  • Interface / connectivity of memory cards: While transferring photos from memory card to the system drive there should be complete connectivity involving the two devices. In case if there is no proper connectivity, then the data which are being transferred might become corrupt and therefore it may be lost.
  • Memory card corruption: Most of the times if you make use of a memory card with certain file system on various gadgets like digital cameras, different cell phones or smart phones, etc. then the file system of the memory card might get corrupt due to which all the data on the system will be corrupt.
  • Sudden memory card termination: While processing any data from memory card by connecting it to the system, before processing gets complete if you accidentally remove or forcefully terminate the card then the data on the card might get corrupt.
  • Deletion of card data on system: While using memory card on Windows based computer if you delete any data like photos using shift + delete key combination then data won’t get stored in Recycle Bin because the deleted data bypasses Recycle Bin and gets completely deleted.

You may encounter many such data loss situations in which data might be lost from various memory cards. In all such situations, you need to make usage of better memory card recovery software. The utility can restore data from memory card after format, follow the below mentioned link to know complete recovery details, And these are certain top features of the software:

  • Restoration of lost media files from different memory cards including SDXC, SSD, CF cards, MMC, XQD cards, USB drives, etc.
  • Completely restores all types of lost data like EXE, DOCX, TXT, XLSX, PDF, etc. from storage devices.
  • You can get back data from memory cards having FAT and other file systems.
  • Restores different media file types like MP4, JPEG, PNG, MP3, AVI, MRW, CRW, etc.

One can make use of this recovery software to retrieve various data from memory cards of different models like SanDisk, HP, Sony, Kingston, Lexar, etc. It can be utilized on various versions of Windows and Mac based desktops and laptops.

Memory Card Recovery Tool

Demands leads to the invention, demand of data storage items are expended day-to-day. With regards to it diskettes, floppies are introduce to avoid wasting the info. But these old data storage are lack behind as a result of less storage capacity. The brand new and advanced way to obtain saving your data had memory cards, memory cards are most portable and compact source to save data.

Different class of memory card will be used to store data technology-not only in video cameras, mobile phones, video camcorders, IPods, gaming consoles etc. With the help of card reader data can be extracted from storage device.

Most of the cameras are utilizing the Memory card to save your data. There are number of companies launched their cameras, mobiles with all the inbuilt memory and featured it using the extending memory capability. Memory card includes different chance to hold data like 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, and the like..

These cards have some advantages and disadvantages too, as we know regarding the data loss. Then the question arises: Is there in whatever way to recuperate the information after loss? The solution to this question is yes. By utilizing storage device recovery tool you’ll be able to recover memory card data with utmost ease.

Memory card are connected to different systems to extract the info. This software supports all the versions of Windows. Mac can be one of the OS which can be trusted in our scenarios. With the tool you can easily recover memory card files either it can be photos/videos/audio/document. This memory card recovery application supports various brands of storage device like Transcend, SanDisk, Kingston, HP and much more..

Before recovery take a look on the reason behind loss of data. Power surge and power failure come in the limelight that’s always a large reason for data loss, If Memory is coupled to the system and abrupt ejection of card without needing the safely remove option, card linked to the system which is already infected, some time card won’t boot, unintentional formatting of storage device, Accidentally deletion of information and many more. To avoids every one of these data losing scenarios preferable to follow some precautions that really help that you fight by using it.

There are several tips to be follow which could avoid loss of data.

  • Use a robust source of power supply to the system in order that while transferring of internet data abrupt power down of your system could be avoided.
  • Always use antivirus in your body to avoid the virus attack about the system.
  • Creating back a those information and folders which are important.
  • Remember one thing, that the recovery is only possible in the event the location of lost info is not overwritten with the new data.

These precautions can protects you only in the known scenarios. Since there are more scenarios that happen to be still unknown and occurs suddenly. To get over it, use storage device recovery software. This software can even recover data from compressed files. Download its free demo version online. This tool will give you an alternative to preview your recoverable file before recovery. Save Recovery Session” choices there, it will help one to keep your scanned information. If you’re happy with the feedback of demo version buy its full version in order to save your recovered files.