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Know How to Use Data Recovery Software Mac

In Mac hard drive, you store many important data such as images, videos, music files, documents etc. But if you delete those data accidentally or intentionally then there is a chance of data loss from Mac hard drive. Just like, you are arranging all files from one volume to other. If you mistakenly select and delete those files and folders which are necessary for you instead of those which are not needed then in this case, you face data loss problem in your Mac system. If you have no back up of those lost files then this will be such a worst situation for you. However, if recovery of those data is essential for you and you are looking for a data recovery software Mac then friend you are in perfect place. With the help of Recover Mac software, you can easily recover all lost files without any trouble.


Apart from above mentioned scenario, there are lots of reasons behind the data loss from Mac hard drive. Some of the common reasons are explained below:

  • File system corruption: File system contents many important data such as name of file, size and so on. If it gets corrupted due to any reasons then there is a chance of data loss from Mac system.
  • Interrupted transferring of data: Due to any known/unknown reasons if data transferring process gets interrupted from other portable devices to the system, then you may face data loss.
  • Hard drive corruption: If hard drive gets corrupted due to any reasons such as MBR corruption, boot sector corruption etc then this may cause the data loss from Mac hard drive.
  • Bad sectors: Bad sectors mainly occur due to hating of the system. If excess of bad sectors in your system hard drive are available then there is a chance of corruption or loss of data from Mac drive.

Apart from these, there are many more reasons behind the loss of data from Mac such as emptied from Trash, operating system corruption, MBR corruption, Due to catalog or volume header corruption and so on. You simple make a use of Recover Mac software to recover Mac data. This tool has much capability to restore any type of deleted or lost data with utmost ease.

Features of Recover Mac software:

  • This tool supports all major versions of Mac OS X (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite).
  • A simple graphical user interface of this tool helps to any user (Non technical/technical) to perform recovering task of lost data in such an easy way.
  • Any type of data from other external storage devices (external hard drive, SD card, pen drive and so on) is also recovered by Recover Mac software.
  • This tool has one feature i.e. Save Recovery Session. In this feature, you can pause and resume your recovery task. If any interruption occurs during recovering process, then recovering task will starts from where, the recovery task get interrupted.
  • You can contact our technical support team via phone/email at 24*7.

Deleted or Lost File Recovery from Mac iPhoto Library

Have you ever deleted precious photos from iPhoto library on your Mac computer and looking for recovering them back? If yes, then stop your search and go through the following lines to watch out the ideal solution for this problem.

iPhoto application developed by Apple computers is not just an image editor. It provides a complete suite for digital photo manipulation. This tool can share, print and organize digital photos very conveniently. iPhoto library allows you to create number of photo albums on it just like playlists in a music library. While editing photos on iPhoto, you can easily add effects, remove red-eye, setup exposure and much more. iCloud photo sharing allows you to share these albums with others.

But sometimes, this library can get deleted or corrupted due to various reasons. What you want in such situations is a powerful tool that can effectively restore iPhoto albums lost or deleted from iPhoto library. Mac iPhoto Recovery is such a tool that is optimized for recovering iPhoto albums in a hassle free-way. This tool identifies not only photos, but all the popular image types.

Frequent Reasons of Photo Deletion or Loss From iPhoto Library

  • Accidental Deletion: Sometimes, photos can get deleted from an iPhoto library due to human mistake. Even entire photo library can get deleted accidentally.
  • Sync Error: Errors that happens while synchronization of photos between a digital camera and Mac computer can result in the deletion of photos from iPhoto library.
  • Virus Attack: If virus infection happens to photos on iPhoto library, this can make affected files as inaccessible.
  • Unintentional Formatting: Sometimes, you may perform an accidental formatting of your valuable photos from your iPhoto library. It leads to a severe data loss situation.
  • Improper Termination of iPhoto Application: You may close your iPhoto application abruptly if you found that the application not responding anymore. This improper termination of the application can result in the corruption of iPhoto library.

Important Features of Mac iPhoto Recovery

  • Mac iPhoto Recovery is a powerful tool that performs photo recovery from iPhoto album on different Mac computers such as Mac Book Air, iMac, Mac Mini and so on.
  • You can use this software on different Mac operating systems such as Lion, Mavericks, Leopard, Yosemite, Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard for restoring iPhoto albums.
  • This software restore iPhoto albums very efficiently by recovering different image types such as PSD, PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, TIF, JPEG, etc.
  • The recovered files using this software can view in a Mac styled interface.
  • This software supports the recovery of digital RAW images of popular camera brands such as Sony, Samsung, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Pentax, Kodak, etc.
  • Except the case of digital RAW images, you can preserve names of files recovered using this software.
  • You can sort the recovered data using this software on the basis of file name, file size, file extension, and date modified.
  • The ‘Find Option’ in this software is quite fast to locate recovered files based on their attributes.
  • This tool can restore iPhoto albums from Mac drives partitioned with file systems such as FAT32, HFS+ and HFS.
  • You can use ‘Save Recovery Session’ option to store session data of recovered files and this session can load later to start recovery from it. This helps to avoid rescanning of drives.
  • This tool is a universal binary application that supports both Intel and PowerPC platforms.
  • A nominal disk space of 50 MB is only required for the installation of this software.
  • Professional technical support is available to assist users in restoring deleted iPhoto albums using this tool and to clarify their doubts regarding any issue encountering while restoration process.

How to Retrieve Deleted Data on Mac

It is well know that the Mac series of laptops and desktops are designed, developed and launched in the market by the Apple Inc. And it is ranked on top in the list of laptops and Personal Computer. Everyone desires to possess Apple products, but is not possible for all to own one because of they are expensive. Mac computers have lot of advantages over other desktop or laptop brands. It is completely based on Linux Operating System and hence its functionality, commands and other performances are totally different from other. The most significant feature is it is very less prone to infections from viruses, malware, spyware etc.

Despite of innumerable advantages and possessing of built-in recovery application yet there is always a chance of deletion of data. The data stored in the format of Word files, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, and other files and folders. When you lost important data you may feel bad, because they are very necessary in your life or in your working environment. Now let us consider a scenario where a user busy with preparing project report for next day’s official meeting suddenly by accident deletes the entire report of 300 pages by using “Command + Del” key. Now the user goes to the system’s Trash to search for the document and at the same time is tiered out trying all the work around. At last nothing comes into his hand. He depressed a lot and searches solution to recover Mac data. Have you come across this kind of situation, don’t depress you have a reliable Mac Data Recovery application to retrieve any kind of data including media files.

Reasons behind deletion of data from Mac OS:

Terminal Point Usage – Few people like to delete files and documents permanently from their Mac machine, so as not to black free space. To delete a single file using terminal point command user uses the “rm” command and for wiping out multiple files at a time they use the command “rm-rf”. It becomes very impossible to retrieve data after such kind of deletion by using normal codes.

Cut-Paste Operation – Sounds simple but sometimes cut + paste operation can prove out to be the difficult one. This type of error is come across when user tries to move some important data from one location to another on their Mac machines. For example, from external storage device to computer’s hard disc drive or from local disk D to drive E. user may accidentally select the “Delete” option after clicking the “Cut” option instead of selecting the “Paste” option.

Virus Infection: This is the most common scenario, often Mac system are affected by virus and becomes unsecured as a result, whenever user plugs in the strong virus infected  external drives, memory cards etc., into the computer’s results into file deletion or even corruption and sometimes into missing files.

You important data may get deletes while running an anti-virus scans or due to power surge issues and many more.

Try out this Mac Data Recovery software. This application is the best software to use for data recovery as it supports all the different editions of Apple Macintosh series. User no more needs to have any technical knowledge about any hardware or software. All they need to do is click the download button and run the program. It’s user-friendly interface and advance modules with built-in search engines recovers all deleted documents from Mac within fraction of minutes.

Advanced feature of this utility-

  • This software recovers deleted documents from Mac volumes, emptied Trash.
  • It also restores file and documents from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 partitions / volumes.
  • There is a facility to add new signatures for files to be recovered that are not mentioned in the list.
  • This programming software supports recovery of files from SATA, SCSI, IDE hard drives, memory cards, Fire Wire drives, iPods etc.
  • This software has a different edition which has been specially crafted for the different versions of Windows to perform different types of restoration works such as to recover documents from Recycle Bin.
  • You can resume our recovery session anytime by selecting the “Save Recovery Session” option.

This software is available in free from allows you to evaluate results before purchasing this software. Download this demo edition from company website. Just with few simple steps you can retrieve your lost or deleted data efficiently.