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Advanced method for file recovery on external hard drive

External computer drives are one of the popular hard drive that is utilized to keep some data as backup aside from computer hard drive. Typically, storage size of hard drive ranges from 256 GB to two TB i.e. we could point out that a large amount of data might be stored concerning this. Such computer drives doesn’t just save people money but also physical space of room. But, sometime due to unknown reasons data over it may get inaccessible. Such remorseful situation might be reverted by usage of Windows Hard Drive Recovery software. This utility software easily recover external hard drive data within couple of minutes of their application.

Mostly any data on any storage drive gets lost as a result of unintentional deletion. Let’s assume a real-time illustration of situation were data over external hard drive gets lost. Suppose you’ve 1 TB of external hard drive that you’ve been utilizing for a number of months. Due to its constant usage data over it has all messed up, so in order to arrange those files, you have attached it in your system. Whenever you connected it for your system you found numerous information which are useless, so that you deleted them. After arranging those files you ejected it. After sometime when you attached it you found a few of the important files missing from this. What has happened to those data??? Actually you needed deleted the specified files unintentionally from a hard disk drive combined with the useless files. Therefore in order to have those data back from hard drive you should utilize Windows Hard Drive Recovery, which scans each sectors of hard disk and delivers the desired data.

Another common cause of decrease of files from hard drive can be a misconception on them that after files are deleted from their website they get gone after recycle bin. But, actually data which is deleted from computer hard drive only gets moved to trash can of windows system, i.e. no peripheral drive data gets gone after trash can whether it be pen drive, usb drive, micro sdcard, macro card, or any external storage drive. This means that files deleted from peripheral drives gets permanently lost. Thus, if any user wishes to recover those files then it can be performed by given tool. In addition to aforementioned scenarios of information loss from windows external hard drive are accidental format, partition table damage, mbr damage, virus attack, etc.

Windows Hard Drive Recovery software has one of the better scanning algorithm which scans entire hard disk for that desired files in couple of minutes of the company’s application. Any user who has lost his or her files from external hard drive may apply many for retrieving the anticipated data. Quite sure works with different brands of hard drive including Toshiba, Dell, Transcend, Buffalo, etc. If user would like to recover any particular file from hard disk drive then he might use its name, date of creation, or file type for recovery.

Thus by evaluating the strongholds of this software you can state that technology not only for file recovery from hard drive. Any user may get it from internet for trial use.

Data Recovery Tool for Hard Drive

A hard disk is a mechanical device, which is used in computers to store all its data. The term hard disk is used to differentiate it from a Floppy disk. Hard disk holds more data than floppy disk and it is much faster as compared to floppy disk. Hard comes with various storage capacity ranges from 20GB to2TB. Seagate barracuda HDD is now became so popular due to its 1.5TB storage capacity.

1.5TB data we can even not able to imagine it. Losing this much amount of data bring abundant amount of data loss. To recover data from Seagate barracuda hard drive seems to be very difficult. There are innumerable scenarios which can corrupt our system hard drive few of them are mentioned below:

Data loss due to human error: Accidental or unintentional deletion of data or accidental formatting or deleting of a partition. Sometime while saving files users doesn’t check out for the available space which in results overwriting. In which old data start overwriting with the new files.

Data loss due to OS crash: Accidental deletion of system files or some important system components results OS failure, which in turn leads to severe data loss. If you have installed two conflicting software in the same operating system, then it can also cause OS crash.

Data loss due to virus attack: Virus or malware attack on the system corrupts file system of the hard drive. File system corruption leads to inaccessibility of file in hard drive.

Data loss due to sudden power failures: Sometime hard drive fails to boot. This would happen because of two reasons, one is sudden power surge and another one is voltage fluctuation. This unexpected power creates bad sectors on hard drive and data lies in that particular sector became inaccessible.


Do not use the hard drive further for storing new data, if you want to recover data from it. In case you hear the clicking noises from your system hard drive immediately shut down the system.

Precautions to be followed

  • Maintain a backup of all your important files and folders and store it in some reliable storage medium.
  • Use reliable power source to avoid sudden power failure.
  • Use updated version of antivirus program in your pc or laptop to protect it against severe viruses attack.
  • Before connecting any external device scan it first.
  • Always switch off your system after saving all the data.

These precautions can help you avoid data loss scenarios, but there are many more unknown scenarios which results in data loss from your computer hard disk. To fight such situation you must need some advance recovery tool, which can recover your lost data in its original form. Best disk Recovery Software is the finest tool to perform HDD recovery. It can easily recover data from formatted / reformatted hard drive. It supports recovery from for both Windows and Mac OS. To recover data from your hard drive download free trial version of this software and verify the results. If its result is satisfactory, then go for its full version to save your recovered data.



Software applies new efficient algorithm to recover lost data from corrupted partitions

A partition is actually the fragmentation of physical disk of pc into various logical disks that is generally done separate drive letters like c:, d:, etc. These partitions will also be known as Volumes. The partitions can also be of two types such as Primary Partition and Logical Drive. Sometimes you can end up losing data from your system under common data loss scenarios. Let us know about the circumstances whenever we can lose our data under corrupted partition cases. Suppose you are using Windows 7 and the user desires to recover partition after reinstalling Windows XP operating system as after booting process ,system was not able to restore partitions. The other issue might be of corrupted partition then one may need to recover corrupted partitions.


                                               However, partition table can become corrupt for assorted reasons which may be following:

• The case
might be that the partition drive just disappeared. Disk Manager may exhibit either unallocated space something like that weird in which the volume(s) are required to be.
• System generating messages like “Bad or missing partition table”, “Error loading operating system”, or
without messages at all that may be as a result of BIOS setting or SCSI termination.

• The storage capacity (calculated by summing up all volume and free space area sizes) may exceed the capacity of the physical disk on account of free space which isn’t created by user. This leads to overwriting of files present on logical partition drives.

• In rare circumstances Windows
blue screen of death STOP: INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE is caused by the damaged partition table, these errors could be due to RAID drivers and/or BIOS/cabling issues.

Some key
popular features of the recovery software: Here the characteristics of recovery software which we are discussing about are mentioned below for quick review.

• Software
will be able to make quick search of entire hard disk drive for finding lost/missing partitions to choose and retrieve data as a result.

• Capable of recovering data
despite formatting the partition with file system.

• Partition(s) deleted/lost while re-partitioning
a hard drive (i.e. re-sizing, removing or adding a partition on the hard drive) can be recovered applying this software.

• Retrieves data from partition getting corrupt on account of partition creation process using native Windows Disk Management tool or with any alternative party partitioning tool.

If one finds the above mentioned discussed cases are probably the probable factors behind data loss under issues related to corrupted partitions recovery then good recovery software programs are recommended to utilize. Remo Recover (Windows)-Pro Edition is but one such recovery software to make use of under corrupted partition recovery that is very fast and efficient. The recovery software can undelete data from corrupted partitions, emptied recycle bin etc. This software provides recovery of files from both NTFS and FAT file systems. It supports all versions of windows Os like Windows 2003, or Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 7 plus recovers data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT partitions / drives. Just download the trial offer version from the software to recover corrupted partitions.

How to recover data from external hard drive

An external hard drive is used to store data and it is connected to computer externally.  The external hard drive is portable and computer recognizes it by using USB capability. After connecting an external hard drive to a computer, it is accessed like a normal internal hard drive. The internal hard drive is used in a computer internally to store data. The main intention of using external hard drive is to keep back up or to store huge amount of data. The modern external hard drives are coming with capacity of many Terabytes.

However there are chances of losing data from external hard drive in some circumstances. The data loss from external hard drive may occur due to human error and software error. There is no need of worry on how to recover data from external hard drive, because it can be recovered easily by using data recovery software. The software recovers huge amount of data from external hard drive. Let us see some of the reasons of data loss from external hard drive.

  • In some situations the data from external hard drive is deleted accidentally. This type of data loss occurs due to virus attack and human mistake. For example you may delete important file while deleting unnecessary files from external hard drive.
  • The data is also lost due to accidental formatting of hard drive. Formatting is nothing but erasing whole data from hard drive. The hard drive is formatted to create file system while using it first time.
  •  Partition deletion may also lead to serious data loss situations. The external hard drive can be divided into many partitions or logical drives to store data separately. If the partition is deleted due to user mistake or virus attack, then you will lose all information from that partition.
  • One more software problem for data loss is file system corruption in external hard drive. The file system may get corrupted due to improper removal of external hard drive from computer. The data is still present in hard drive even after file system is corrupted, but it is impossible to access.
  • Repartitioning of hard drive may result in data loss. Repartitioning is nothing but dividing already existing partition in hard drive. If any data is present in already existing partition, then repartitioning of this drive may leads to old data loss.


These are many reasons for data loss from external hard drive other than these mentioned above. The lost data can be recovered from external hard drive by using Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition software. To recover lost data, this software scans entire hard drive within few minutes by using built in scanning algorithm.  It recovers any type of data from external hard drive, irrespective of reasons. This software supports both FAT and NTFS file systems. The software is also useful to recover data from inaccessible partitions. This software is helpful to recover both media files and text files. You can also view recovered data before restoration by using preview option. You can download demo version of this software to evaluate data recovery.

Guidelines to recover files from formatted hard drives

Hard drive is secondary storage device in personal computer. Though primary storage is RAM (Random Access Memory), hard disk drive plays a very important role as all the data, software’s as well as operating system resides on internal hard disk. Hard drives can exist as SATA/SCSI/IDE/ATA etc. We also have external hard drive like pen drive, memory cards, SD cards, Flash cards etc. All your data will be written in the form of 0’s and 1’s, which will be stored in the form of magnetic pulses on hard disk drive and when data has to be read, magnetic pulses is converted into digitalized form in a reverse order. As all the data is stored on hard drive, in case if the hard drive gets formatted, then what?

No need to be depressed, formatted hard drive recovery is possible. You can recover files from formatted hard drives using good recovery tools.

Following are the few scenario of loosing data due to formatted hard drive:

  • While partitioning the hard drive to create separate dynamic drives, you will get a message box do you want to format. If by mistake you clicked continue, then you will lose all your data.
  • While reinstalling operating system, you can accidentally format the partition and lose data.
  • When you are changing the partition size, extending, or shrinking the partition you can suffer from data loss.
  • If you have accidentally formatted the wrong drive. Suppose you have one dynamic drive named music and another as document. You wished to format music partition but by mistake formatted document partition.
  • If you want to change file system from FAT to NTFS, you have to re-partition the drive. In this case, also there is a probability of losing all your data.
  • Virus attack, if viruses such as malware, spyware etc. have deleted all your important files and you have formatted the partition. All your data will be lost.

There are many other reasons via which you might have formatted your partition. In case if you have not made any backup of your data and lost all your important data because of formatting hard drive, you can recover it quickly and effectively using Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition.

Remo recover software is best recovery tool available in market which is having all the quality to recover your lost data which you think is beyond recovery. This software works on a complex algorithm, scans your entire drive/partition and list outs all the files/folders or images or audio or video files either in data view or file type view. You can also recover files from FAT or NTFS file system. Free demo version is available in company site, where you can get complete information about product and download the free version. Once you are satisfied with the demo version you can purchase the licensed version and start using the recovery software. You can also save your recovered data in external accessible drives like CD/DVD etc.