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Secure Way to Recover Data from Seagate Hard Drive

Help! Struck in Great Problem!

I have formatted the Seagate hard drive when the drive prompted me to do so, this happened in very hurry. Whatever stored in the drive is very important to me therefore can you help me out with some valuable suggestion.

Don’t worry, there is good news to you, you can get back all the lost data from formatted hard drive. These kind of situations arises mainly when the file system is damaged due to which the drive will not function until it is formatted.


Recovery after Format! Possible!

How is it possible? Is what you may be wondering. When the drive is formatted the file system will reset and all the pointers will be cleared thus every information associated with the data is now lost. However the data isn’t lost anymore. Every time when the data is deleted or when the drive is formatted, it is just the pointer which is cleared and not the data. This is the possible cause behind any data recovery solution, however only under certain specific conditions you can recover the lost data.

The data which is intact even after drive format has the possibilities of overwritten when there is any new data loaded onto drive. Thus do not work with the drive until you recover the data. In order to recover the data you need to utilize a third party utility which can recover data, here is one which can help you get there: Seagate Data Recovery Tool.

Helpful Facts – Seagate Data Recovery Tool

  • Help you recover data from hard drives that are crashed, non-booting, inaccessible, RAW and un-mountable
  • You can not only perform Seagate hard drive recovery but also other brands of hard drives such as Toshiba, Western Digital (WD), Iomega, LaCie, SanDisk, etc.
  • Recover files from other devices such as digital camera, iPods, USB drives, memory cards and many others
  • Data recovery is possible with SATA, SCSI, SSD and IDE hard drives. And supported file systems are NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFSX and HFS+
  • You can recover many kinds of files including video files, audio files, images, archives, documents and various others
  • Can be installed on all popular operating systems of Windows and Mac
  • Simple yet powerful utility to recover Seagate hard drive when it is re-partitioned, formatted or re-formatted
  • You can have a glimpse on the recovered data before storing it onto your accessible drive. Additionally you can save the recovered data onto CD / DVD, or in compressed form to save disk space

Safety Measures

  • Make backup of important data so that if something goes wrong you can easily get back your data
  • Avoid performing repartitioning until and unless you do not have better knowledge of it
  • Make use of good anti-virus program to shield your data from virus and other threats

Some Common Data Loss Situations

  • Emptying recycle bin or trash without looking into it whether it consists the required files
  • Pressing Shift Delete (in Windows computer) can lead to permanent data loss
  • Repartitioning the drive without any knowledge will lead to heavy data loss
  • At times application conflicts can result in data loss

Easily Perform Data Recovery from RAW Hard Drive

Hard drive is the one of the main storage device used in various electronic devices like computers, laptops, etc. It is used to store the system data as well as personal data including audio, video, images, spread sheets, office files and some other important data. All the files in the hard drive are organized by file system. Where file system is used to keep track of entire files in hard drive like file name, file size, file creation date, etc. If it gets corrupted due to any reasons then your hard drive becomes RAW. Even though it contains huge data but it shows disk space as 0 bytes.

Data recovery from RAW hard drive

Due to several unexpected conditions like file system corruption, virus attacks, partition table corruption, and improper shutdowns, etc. your computers operating system fail to recognize the file system. Due to this system’s hard drive become RAW and cannot able to access any data from it. To access the data again you have to format the hard drive which results in the complete deletion of data. Don’t get panic under those conditions because you can easily recover data from RAW hard drive with the help of most reliable software named Partition Recovery software.

Some of the possible reasons due to which hard drive becomes RAW:

  • While upgrading the operating system older version to newer one, if any sort of interruption occurs then your file system gets corrupted and makes hard drive as RAW.
  • Master boot record is a small program which is loaded in Ram when computer boots up. It used to hold the key information of the hard disk drive like how many partitions are there in hard drive, types of partitions, etc. If it gets corrupted then hard drive becomes Raw.
  • File system is used to keep the track of all the files of hard drive in an organized way. If it gets corrupted due to any unexpected reasons then hard drive becomes RAW and the user cannot able to access any data from it.
  • Hard drive also becomes RAW due to virus attacks. If the intensity of these bad programs is high then it results in the corruption of file system.
  • Some other reasons which make the hard drive RAW are improper shutdowns, files system conversion error, error in OS installation, software conflicts, hardware issues, etc.

Salient Features of Partition Recovery Software:

This software is used to perform data recovery from RAW hard drive on various versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. It easily recovers different types of files such as word documents, excel sheets, PPT, PDF files, text files, archive files, videos, audios, images, RAW photos, etc. from RAW hard drive. This application is used to retrieve deleted or lost data from RAID partitions. It not only recover data from RAW hard drive but also used for recovering data from external hard drives, memory cards, flash drives, pen drives and other storage devices. It consists of a simple graphical user interface where a user with less technical knowledge can also perform the data recovery. It is also used to restore lost FAT 16, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, etc. file systems. This software supports data recovery from various hard drive brands such as Transcend, Samsung, Hitachi, Seagate, etc.

How to Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive With Easy Steps?

Hard drive is often used to stores data and also you can access the stored data whenever you want. In the hard drive, there will be file system present in it which helps users to arrange, organize the files, simply speaking file system is used to arrange the files and it will arrange them on layer by layer by pointing each and every file. So there will be pointer allotted to the file and hard disk stores the address of that pointer. Whenever user want to access the files, then it is pointed out as the address of the pointer which is pointing is present. So with the help of the hard drive, users can not only stores the files but also can access the stored files at desired time.

Hard drive is capable of storing more than three hundred file with their different file extensions. It consists of both electrical and mechanical components which use mechanical technology for storing files and it is flat disk like structures. Audio files, video files, games, image files, software, contacts, calendar, MS files, and many more files can be easily save in the hard drives. It has more features that it can also stores large amount of data and also provides partitions. Normally users may get difficulty in accessing in huge amount of data so partitions are made to the hard drive for the convenient purpose while searching files.recover data from formatted hard drive windows 8

Now let us suppose you have Windows 8 as an operating system on your computer device and now consider scenarios in which you opt for formatting hard drive on Windows 8 and thus we all know that if any device is formatted then entire data get erased from the drive as in results files get lost from the drive. Hard drive consisting of these many features then also losing of files in different scenarios is common but when you connected hard drive to the new system or new computer, then it is needed to create new file system to organize files to be store. For this, hard drive is made format then it terms as formatted hard drive. Then the data may get lost from the Windows 8 hard drive due to such reasons.

In what way Reformatted Utility helps you?

If the data get lost from the formatted hard drive on Windows 8, then opt for software like Reformatted Software as it is especially designed recover data from formatted Windows 8 hard drive and this software helps you to solve the different issues related to the lost of data from the formatted Windows 8 hard drive and also helps you in retrieving lost data with ease. Now let us see the other amazing features of this Reformatted Tool for which it easily performing hard drive recovery on Windows 8.

Ideal features of Reformatted Software:

  • After analyzing different software for recovering formatted hard drive including this software and thus came to know about the fact that Reformatted software works well for you to recover lost data and also the supportive team for this software is made available for all the time for solving the queries of the customers
  • This software has good user interface, as the expert team of this software designed it in such a way that every single user can easily  recover data from formatted hard drive Windows 8 and , also from the other versions of Windows operating system like Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 , Windows 2008, etc.
  • With the help of this software, you can save the recovery session process and then utilize it later as it works when you are recovering large file which is of big size and software takes more time to scan this large file. So in this case, users can’t sit for such long period until it scans the large file to recover and at this stage, this feature helps users.

How to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive?

Formatting of a hard drive can lead to loss of all stored files from it and this is very frustrating for anyone. The situation become worse if you do not have the proper backup of those files or folders. Therefore, to avoid such a data loss scenario, you have to maintain the backup of all files on regular basis.

recover files from formatted hard drive

In case you are a victim of accidental formatting of a hard drive, you need not get panic because you can easily recover files from formatted hard drive with the assistance of Recover Deleted Files software. This software is equipped smart scanning algorithm and is the safest and secure tool, which scan the hard drive within few minutes and recover files from formatted hard drive in hassle free manner.

Under what circumstances users may formatted hard drive:

  • Sometimes due to file system corruption, you are not able to access any files from hard drive. So, to make this drive access you have to format the drive. This leads to deletion of files.
  • While doing repartitioning of hard drive there is a chance of hard drive corruption. So to get rid of it you have to format the drive
  • When your computer becomes old and lot of files get accumulated over the hard drive, then your system’s hard drive may become more fragmented. Because of this, accessing sped to the files saved in the hard drive decreases. If this issue is not fixed at the right time, your hard drive could get corrupted.
  • Other reasons which are responsible for deletion of files from external hard drive are reinstalling of operating system, bad sector, header file corruption, master boot record corruption, etc.

Features of Recover Deleted Files Software:

This tool supports data recovery from formatted hard drive on both Mac and Windows based systems. It has powerful scanning engines, which helps in recovering data from formatted hard drive with ease. By using this tool, you can recover over more than 300 types of files including PowerPoint files, PDF files, spreadsheets, Word documents, pictures, audio files, videos, games, etc. It has potential of recovering data from various types of hard drives such as SCSI, IDE, SATA and PATA. Moreover, it is considered as the best tool to recover files from formatted hard drive with FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT, HFS and HFSX file systems. Using this software you can preview the recovered files before restoration. This software facilitates with “Save Recovery Session” features which helps to resume the recovery process at any time.

How to Perform Hard Drive Data Recovery

“I have a hard drive of 2TB that lost all its data while I unplugged it from my PC. Is there a simple way to get all the data back from my hard drive in its original form?”

It is quite easy to recover data from a hard drive. All that the user needs is a hard drive recovery software that will perform a full hard drive recovery from his/her hard drive. It can do so in a short period of time and you can once again have access to all your data.

In this video is a certified hard drive recovery software which is used to show how one can perform a hard drive data recovery on his/her computer.

One of the most important element in a computer is a hard drive which houses all the data in it. a hard drive can be of huge storage size and can have countless number of files saved on it. The user most preferably creates a backup for all the data that is present on his hard drive given the fact that hard drives are highly prone to lose data from them.

One can end up losing data from hard drive in various ways and the most common being accidental deletion and formatting. The best way to overcome losing data permanently from your hard drive is by creating a backup for all your hard drive data. However, there is still another way of recovering back all your data from a hard drive if you never had a backup at the time of losing data from the hard drive.

As already shown in the above tutorial, you can make use of a hard drive recovery software and perform a full hard drive data recovery to get all your deleted as well as lost data from your hard drive. Accidental format is also a major cause for losing data permanently from a hard drive. By making use of a certified hard drive data recovery software, you can retrieve even the data that was lost due to formatting.

Basically the data that you lose from your hard drive isn’t permanently removed from it even though it stops showing up. The same data will still remain in the memory until you write new data onto the drive which will eventually overwrite the lost data in the memory. So, when no new data is written to the hard drive then the chances of you performing a successful hard drive data recovery is more whereas a hard drive that was used after the data loss might never yield a full recovery of all the data that was lost or deleted from its memory. So, by preserving your hard drive from all uses you guarantee yourself that all the data will be recovered without losing anything. Also, all this is possible if a certified hard drive recovery software is employed by you.

What are the features of this hard drive data recovery application?

  • With its simple interface, recovering data from hard drive requires just a few mouse clicks and can be performed in a fast manner.
  • When the hard drive recovery is completed, you can save back all the data to any folder on your computer.
  • You can recover data from internal as well as from an external hard drive by employing this software.
  • It uses a strong recovery algorithm that has the ability to search and retrieve all the files even when the number of files to be retrieved is in terms of GB’s or TB’s.

Tool to Recover Data from Hard Drive

Hard Drive is a storage media that is mostly used to store various kinds of digital information on Windows and Mac operating system. SCSI, SATA and IDE are the types of internal hard drives which is used on computer to store the digital data. There are various manufacturers’ brands of hard drives are available in the market such as Transcend, Samsung, Kingston, Sony, Toshiba, and so on. These hard drives offers various features like store data up to 2TB, highly durable, portable in nature due to this carry a data easily from one system to other and easily support  latest version of Windows and Mac operating system.

However, most of the users facing a major problem i.e. data loss due to various known or unknown reasons. In this situation, you may get tensed and finding the way of recover data from hard drive? In this time, you have a need of best recovery software named as Hard Drive Data Recovery tools which will help you to recover data from hard drive on Windows and Mac platforms without any difficulties.

Reasons behind the deletion of data from Hard Drive:

  • Accidental Deletion: Most of the users deleting a garbage or unwanted files from hard drive on computer but they select and delete essential files accidentally by press on delete button, as a result of this you will loss valuable files from hard drive.
  • Storage Device Corruption: A storage drive gets corrupted or damaged due to virus or malware infection, when you connect the hard drives to infected system for accessing data from it, which may cause of deletion of files from hard drives.
  • Unreliable Third Party Software: Sometimes, while downloading an unreliable third party application from internet and then uses of this application for perform some operation on system, then there are chance of deletion or loss of essential files from hard drive.
  • Abrupt Ejection of Hard Drive: Abrupt removal of hard drives from computer when you transferring a files from external storage drive to system drive which may cause of deletion or loss of files from internal as well as external storage drive.

If you want to recover files from under above mentioned scenarios then you need an effective software named as hard drive data recovery tools which will help you to perform hard drive data recovery on system within few clicks.

Striking Features of Hard Drive Data Recovery Tools:

  • This award winning software has capable of recover data from hard drives on various version of Windows operating system including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2007, 2008, and so on.
  • It has capable of recovers data from partition of file system such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5 and EXFAT within few steps.
  • This utility has ability to restores files from various types of hard drives such as SATA, SCSI and IDE.
  • This application has got inbuilt powerful scanning algorithm which is conduct effective scanning of hard drive and performing data recovery from hard drives.
  • You can retrieve data of different formats from various types of storage device like external hard drives, portable pen drives, flash memory drives, memory multimedia cards, etc.
  • With the assistance of this tool, you can restore data from hard drive and save them in desire location on system.
  • This program is also well-suited with different versions of Mac operating system like Panther, Lion Mountain, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, etc.

Formatted Drive Partition Recovery Software

Losing files on any computer is always the most unexpected situation in all users’ life. Once if users go through the problem of data loss over their hard drive it takes away huge collection of saved files as this is the place where users prefer to keep their files saved. And in case of users important saved file loss problem, they look for recovering their all important files from those hard drives which is the most messy and time consuming task to execute. In some cases problem occurs on Windows partition and few problems arises on the same and so that all saved files on it will be inaccessible to its users.

Hopefully some powerful applications are there which are used for the data recovery or the formatted partition of the drive. This software can successfully addresses all lost files in all kind of data loss circumstances. This recovery software goes through the problem of partition loss and recovers partitions without causing any kind of further damage to the saved files of those respective partitions. What’s the need of formatting the computer drive? Well if in case any kind of corruption issues take place due to the virus attack problem or the mishandling procedure of the users, saved files on the particular drive partition become just inaccessible.  To solve the problem of data corruption users look for the drive partition options.

The mentioned partition recovery software is among the most useful recovery software which is highly recommended if you are suffering from the data loss conditions after format. This software continues lost partition data recovery on any Windows or Mac based PC with its extraordinary features to continue the job of file restoration after format without any circumstances. But once if you want to avoid the situation of data loss previously, you must go for keeping the backup files of your required data so that whenever this situation will occur, users can easily get access on their saved files easily from this back up files.

This software is the best quality lost data recovery software which comes with powerful partition recovery features after format. It repairs file system errors and the formatted hard drives get back data again. This software is very much supportive in case of data recovery on internal, external hard drives, removable media devices, and chip based flash cards like the memory or SD cards and so on. This partition recovery utility is capable to perform less time consuming data recovery on all latest Windows operating system editions like Win8, Win7, and Vista, Win XP etc. for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating system.

This is the software which has the capability to restore files from different file systems including FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS. Moreover, encrypted or compressed version of NTFS it is capable to restore those files too. After completing the process of lost data recovery, users can go for saving their restored files on their desired location. Once you want to get back your saved files, you have to download the utility on your latest Windows or Mac systems. This will just take few moments to complete the whole procedure and once you are done with it you can opt for the preview option of the restored files. After going through the details of the restored data of formatted hard drive partition, you may go for the complete package of the software immediately.

Deleted Data Recovery from Hard Drive

Generally, we want to store our significant data in a storage space that will be safe from loss of data. But, you have to believe that, this is not possible for almost any kind of data hard drive. We now have different types of computer hard drive like magnetic disk, optical disk, floppy disk etc. to keep a substantial amount of important information. These hard disks are very preferred because of its enormous storage capacity along with quick accessibility of information. With this facility, we must commit some severe loss of data situations. This loss is met because of data deletion due to improper handling or because of unauthorized application. In that situation, if you wish to restore those deleted data, you need to employ a third party tool. The proper choice of this application can fulfill your requirement in various severe file deletion circumstances.

Still, you will find different reason of information deletion from your hard disk, a number of them happens frequently. One frequently happened reason is accidental deletion of data from computer by user. Sometimes, you may delete your useless files from the computer to free up your hard disk. At the time of deletion of file, you may pick vital files also accidentally. It results a catastrophe in your vital information. In case you delete those data through the use of “Shift + Delete” keys, it’s going to be difficult to get back those data again for you. Do not drop your hope; employ this file recovery application to bring back your Shift deleted data easily. It guaranties that you can recover your entire important info in some simple steps.

Deletion of file from Recycle Bin is another big mistake that can prevent you from the manual file recovery. When any information is removed from hard disk using “Delete” key, it resides in the Recycle Bin. You’ll be able to restore that file manually. If you empty Recycle Bin folder and then you realize that those files are very important for you, you can utilize this data recovery tool to recover those deleted information easily. This application is additionally useful if the deleted file is bypassed over Recycle Bin folder. Sometimes, deleted data are certainly not obtainable in this Bin folder when the space in it is not at all enough for the deleted data. For each system, size of Recycle Bin is limited i.e. 10% of Hard Disk space. When it gets full, this situation happens. For every case, you can use this application to retrieve the deleted folders.

Deletion of information may results because of the anti-virus installed in the computer. Several types of virus or external threats may attack your hard disk data. Then, antivirus will scan complete hard disk thoroughly and delete the infected files without your permission. Then you should utilize this data recovery software for hard disk to retrieve those deleted data. Excluding this deletion, data on hard drive are deleted because of any interruption in cut and paste operation. If you commit with this type of problem, do not panic. Employ this data restoration program to get those files back.

Aside from that, this deleted data recovery app is very helpful to undelete files from various kinds of hard disk drive in several circumstances. You can use the application to retrieve files from ATA, PATA, SATA, SCSI, IDE hard disks. In addition to this, you can even perform data restoration from various external hard drive, memory cards and other USB drives in both Windows and Mac OS.


Simple Approach to Recover Hard Disk!

In case you are using a laptop or computer, you are able to understand adequately the significance of hard drive. Anything you create or store within your computer, everything gets store in hard disk only. Mostly, users save assortments with their favorite movies, heart loving music, memorable photo albums, important documents, presentations, text files, e-books etc in system hard disk. It facilitates users to hold wide range of data that is in terabytes. However, while regular utilization of computers or laptops; you could possibly come to see a tragic situation if you find your hard disk drive as a result of several known and unknown factors.

In this condition the majority of user assumes that they’ll never be capable of getting back files, which were deleted or lost after hard drive failure, formatting, drive partition loss as well as other hard disk related crisis however it is not really whatever they think. Within this advanced technological world, it is all totally possible together with, hard drive recovery can be executed through the use of efficient recovery software. Just for this reference, you can utilize one of the most trusted utility, which is Hard Drive Recovery. Once you come up with this tool, it is very easy to rescue hard drive files.

You could have assembled your system with verities of computer drives like SATA, PATA, ATA, SCSI etc. Whatever sort of hard disk you’ve got in your system, data crisis could happen at any instance as a consequence of improper handling or some physical causes. Because you likewise have facing hard drive data loss issue, it might be letting you elaborate possible circumstances where you engaged with your undesired conditions. Most typical cause associated with such data crisis is format operation. Hard drive formatting is quite common among users. User is able to do it while upgrading operating system or re-installing existing OS again in computer. Sometime, if you encounter hard disk isn’t behaving like before, file accessing performance becomes down, otherwise you require enough space to hold some important data, in this condition, rather than deleting useless files one at a time, you might make an effort to format drive partition or entire hard drive also. Nevertheless, it is pretty easy to undelete files from hard drive.

If you’re managing hard drive partitions regarding size, files system type, by making use of an unauthorized tool or using Disk Management Utility, you could possibly execute format or delete command mistakenly and it ends in lack of complete data from hard drive and you then desire to make hard disk deleted file recovery . Hard drive crash is additionally considerable and quite a few happening scenarios that can place as a result of operating computer regularly with improper power source. In case your computer system is getting shutdown suddenly in consistent basis because of power surge, it generates bad sectors in hard disk or it contributes to header crash, which leads to hard disk crash. Aside from this, failure of hdd on account of manufacturer fault, virus infection or due to various other logical and physical reasons as though OS malfunctions, heat etc may also be falls straight into sounding reasons accountable for hard disk drive data loss or deletion.

Hard Drive Recovery software is a fairly easy to utilize application that facilitates users to bring back data from hard disk after any disaster. By using this tool, you’ll be able to perform NTFS partition file recovery along with FAT, EXFAT, HFSX drive partitions on Windows and Mac computers respectively. It supports users to undelete and unformat hard disks, USH drives as well as other storage drives with the smart way.

Simple to Recover data from Hard Disk Drives

Hard drives are the best source to store data in computer systems. There are basically two types of hard drives one internal drives and other external hard drives. Internal ones are the system drives that come inbuilt within a system and external drives are the ones that are used by connecting externally to the system through USB port. The functionality of both the hard drives is same only difference is external hard drives are portable and removable whereas internal drives are not. Both the drive types have to be divided into partitions in order to make the drive perform better. Partitions are the isolated sections of the hard drive memory space each performing as a single OS. Each partition is independent of each other and data stored in one partition will not affect any other partitions.

Hard drives can store different file types such as text, document, spread sheets, pictures, music tracks, videos, movies, folders, various program files, including operating system. And the hard drives can be of SCSI, SATA, ATA, PATA, IDE, etc types. The data on hard drives can be lost in many unknown possible ways. Many times you regret after losing the data from hard drives and struggle to regain the lost files. Here is one such possible way of data loss from hard drive. Assume that your system hard drive had suddenly crashed due to continuous power fluctuations and so you had to face severe data loss. No data from the hard drive was able to access and thus you had to lose data. In this case the best remedy to restore the lost data will be using the best recovery software. The software helps to recover drive data from hard drives that had been corrupt. Many other situations in which you may face loss of hard drive data can be mentioned here:

  • Data loss due to formatting hard drive – Before you format any hard drive or any storage device, you need to maintain backup of required data in any external storage device. And thus accidental formatting of the drive or single partition on the drive leads to data loss as there won’t be any backup.
  • During data transfer – While transferring any data files from system drive to external storage devices like external HDD by connecting it to the system through USB cable, improper connectivity between the devices will damage the files that are being transferred and hence files will become inaccessible. Thus the situation results in data loss.
  • Accidental deletion of files – Deletion of files from system using Shift and delete key combination on Windows will make the deleted data to bypass Recycle Bin folder. This will lead to data loss because the deleted file cannot be restored back. And also when you delete files from command prompt on any system even that file will bypass Recycle Bin / Trash folder and hence you may lose the file when accidentally deleted.
  • Deleting partitions on the drive – While creating new partitions or while performing partitioning with the aid of third party partitioning tool, occurrence of any errors would cause deletion of certain partition data and hence you will lose precious data from hard drive partitions.

All these causes might result in severe loss of data from hard drive. And the best suggestion to retrieve lost drive data will be possible only by hard drive recovery program. The software eases your work of how to restore drive partition when you have lost partition data. The software can be utilized on various brands of hard drives so that you can easily know how to restore deleted data from Iomega external hdd, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony, LaCie, Apple, Buffalo, etc. Here you can find the other special features of the software:

  • Deleted Data from different file systems of hard drives like FAT12, FAT16, NTFS, ExFAT, HFS+, etc. can be easily recovered back.
  • You can use this recovery tool to extract data from various storage devices like external HDD, flash memory cards, USB flash drives, etc.
  • Also retrieves data  from various types of hard drives like SATA, SCSI, PATA, etc with simple steps
  • Capable to recovering lost data from Emptied Recycle Bin and Trash folders.

You can effectively make use of this hard drive data recovery tool in many data loss situations like to restore deleted data from external hard drive, system drives, USB flash drives, partitions on the drives, etc.  And also it serves its best in recovering partition data on various Windows and Mac systems.