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How to recover files deleted from recycle bin windows 10

Now it is very much possible for the user to restore your valuable data from recycle bin with the help of recovering tools.images

Every Windows or the operating system has a Recycle Bin which has information such as size, name, date and the original location of deleted file. If you delete any files from the system, just by simply click.The files in Recycle Bin can be fetched through recovering tools with some internal processing and system operations. The deleted data is kept in Recycle Bin, sometimes if you need those deleted files then you can retrieve from Recycle Bin to get them back easily. Sometimes, you may unexpectedly empty the Recycle Bin, once your files get deleted from the system then in such cases, you can restore files, if you have kept a backup of those files in some storage device. In some case, people forget to have the backup. So, in such situation, you can go with the Recover software. This tool which is capable of recovering deleted files from Recycle Bin on Windows 10 with easily.

Is it possible to recover files deleted from Recycle Bin?

Yes, it is possible to restore files deleted from Recycle Bin because when files are deleted from Recycle Bin, they are not get removed permanently from your system storage. File system will   mark that space as empty. But you can recover files deleted from Recycle Bin until you have not overwritten anything on hard drive.

Reasons how file deletion occurs from Recycle Bin?

  • Accidental deletion of files while removing unnecessary files from the system, which sometimes results in complete deletion of file from Windows Recycle Bin.
  • If deleted files exceed the size of Recycle Bin then, it bypasses the Recycle Bin, So that the data may be lost. If you make use of recovering software, with a few mouse click it can be restored back.
  • Deleting of files from command prompt will delete the important system files.
  • Deleting large sized files when Recycle Bin is already full with current deleted files.
  • Unintentionally emptying Recycle Bin to free up system space.

In order to solve this problem, file deletion from Recycle Bin on Windows 10 scenarios one need to make use of software tools to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin on Windows with simple ways.

You can prefer Recover Recycle Bin software which is capable of restoring files deleted from Recycle Bin on Windows within few span of time.

How many of you ever think how to recover files deleted from recycle bin windows 10.

This problem arises often. Windows problem happens now and  than.  It will affects us sometimes when we can’t find complete procedure to get lost files.

What will you do if you need them back?

Here in this article, we’d like to introduce you some secure and effective ways to help you recover deleted files in a simple ways.

 Methods to restore deleted files from Windows 10

Here are the steps to help recover deleted files from Windows 10.

No.1 Retrieve deleted files from recycle bin

If you   deleted files from your Windows 10 operating system, you can restore  from recycle bin. You can open the recycle bin, select files and right- click   by choosing “Restore”.

No. 2 Created file with original lost file name

If you   are unable to find any files in   recycle bin, you can try with this ways   Create an same file with same name of lost files. Check with “Properties”, choose “Previous Version” and select the right file version to restore. It requires you remember all lost files names.

Professional data recovery tool, Here we suggest you to try, It’s 100% secure, free to restore lost data. No risks will be met. How to get it? Click the download button and you can get a free Windows 10 data recovery software right now. Then you can recover deleted files from Widows 10 directly.

Download Free Software to Recover Files

“… I prepared a PPT file of 25 slides for my technical seminar two days before. Due to virus attack on the system, some slides are missing. I tried to find the missing slides, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it out. I’m worried!!! At this time I cannot prepare other slides.  What to do? Is there any external files recovery software to restore my missing slides? If so: Please help me!!!!”

imagesIn recent years, the file deletion/loss scenario is quite common due to various reasons. If files get deleted, do not worry!!!! You can easily retrieve the deleted files by using Files Recovery Software. Before moving to Recovery steps, let us know first: the basic reasons behind the file deletion.

Cases behind the File deletion or file loss:

Case 1: Human mistakes

  • Unknowingly deleting the important files from the storage devices when deleting the unimportant files.
  • Knowingly or unintentionally hitting on format option will delete the files permanently without throwing them to Recycle Bin.
  • Deleting the files using shift+delete keys will also results in permanent deletion.

Case 2: Virus infection

  • Viruses/ Malware are the basic hazards which rapidly spread all over the file system and might damage the files.
  • If any storage device is connected to an infected system, the deadly virus might corrupt the storage device or some files may get deleted.

Case 3: File transfer

  • While transferring the files from one storage device to other, any interruption during a file transfer or an abrupt shutdown in the system will stops the transfer process leading to loss / deletion of some files.
  • Improper cut-paste method also results in losing some valuable files.

Case 4: Other factors

  • Operating system crash, program crash, defragmentation failure are the other factors leading to data loss or data deletion scenario.

Any of the above cases will cause the file deletion or file loss situation. If you are facing any such situation: do not worry!!! The deleted files can be recovered easily by using external Files Recovery Software. This tool has an advanced feature to recover files from storage device on various versions of windows as well as on different Mac operating system.

Formatted/ deleted/ lost files can be easily restored in a few simple mouse clicks. The data from various file system such as HFS, NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5, etc can be retrieved easily.

Photos, audios, videos, documents of various formats like PDF, PPT, DOC, DOCX, etc. can be recovered by using file recovery application. It supports to recover different video formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, 3GP, etc. and picture format like PNG, JPNG, TIFFF, etc. with an ease.  This software has an ability to restore the files from various storage devices such as SD card, XD card, memory card, SDHC card, USB drives, external hard drive, system drive, etc, without any level of difficulties.

How to Get Back Deleted Files from Recycle Bin on Windows 10?

recycle-binHave you unknowingly emptied your Windows Recycle bin folder? If yes, then it is the most painful situation for you if it may contain few your important files. In case, if you have backup on any other storage device, then it is easy for you to restore those deleted files. Your situation even become critical when you do not have backup of those recycle bin files. In such case, if you do not know how to recover files after emptied recycle bin, then simply go through this article which provides you simple way to get back files from Recycle bin folder on Windows system.

After deleting data from recycle bin either accidentally or intentionally, you may become worried about those files. In order to get them back, you may try to search for the appropriate way over internet. Here, you may find plenty of tools, but you are not able to understand which one is the most suitable to get back data after emptied Windows recycle bin. In order to avoid this type of confusion, I am describing an advanced third party tool which allows you to restore all your data files after emptied recycle bin folder very easily. This easy to use app is Recover Recycle Bin which is specially developed for retrieving data from recycle bin folder which can be deleted or lost any circumstances without any difficulty.

Other Most Common Causes of Data Deletion or Loss from Windows Recycle Bin Folder:

Emptied Recycle Bin Folder: Most of the times, you can empty your Windows recycle bin folder without checking the data saved on it. If it contains some files which is important for you, then it can create a problem for you.

Unintentional deletion: While deleting files from recycle bin folder, you can end up an accidental selection of few useful files and face such file deletion issue.

Exceeding the size of Recycle bin: Recycle bin stores certain amount of data that is depends on the size of system hard drive. When you delete a file, then it goes to recycle bin folder. But if the size of this deleted file is more than the size of a recycle bin folder, then it bypasses the recycle bin folder and get deleted permanently.

Other Causes: Drive formatting, deletion of data by using key combination, OS reinstalled, hard drive failed can also be a reason behind data deletion from recycle bin folder.

After encountering such data deletion or loss situations from recycle bin folder, you can take the help of Recover Recycle Bin application and easily overcome from all of these above described circumstances easily. This utility can perform recovery of images, excel sheets, video clips, Word files, pdf files, audio file and many other from Windows Recycle bin folder without any other difficulty. Recover Recycle Bin tool is capable to recover files from recycle bin folder on all the versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista, 10, Server 2003 and 2008 within few simple mouse clicks. This user-friendly tool provides step by step approach to recover erased data files from Windows Recycle bin folder. Once the recovery of files is over, you can also take the preview recovered files before keeping them to other drive.

How to Recover Lost Photos from Micro SD Card?

microsdMicro SD card is one of the most commonly used flash memory cards to save the different types of files. Micro SD card format has been developed by SanDisk Corp. It is capable to save different types of files such as photos, video clips, mp3 songs, text files as well as other files without any difficulty. People can connect this micro SD (Secure Digital) card with their different types of electronic devices, including smartphones, digital cameras, camcorder, GPS devices, portable media players, and video game console. It is very small in size, so to connect with various devices, people can take the help of adaptor which enables it to fit this card in the device.

Micro SD cards are available in different data storage capability such as 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. People can utilize these micro SD cards as per their need. These Micro SD cards are manufactured by various world memory card manufacturing brands and each of the offers many advanced features like high data transferring rate, easy to use, large data storage capability, compatible with numerous electronic devices, safety and security of data files stored on the card. Mostly photography professionals use these micro SD cards with their digital cameras to save the captured images.

Besides these advanced features of Micro Secure Digital cards, sometimes, people can face their precious photo deletion issues from it. After facing such photo deletion issue, people want to retrieve photos from micro SD card at any cost because it may contain pictures which are very important for them. In such case, people need an advanced third party app like Photos Retrieval because there is no other way to get photos back from micro SD card. This easy to use, hassle free tool is developed by expert professionals with the help of highly efficient recovery algorithms which performs deep scanning of micro SD card and retrieve all the photos from it as it was before deletion.

Common Causes of Photos Deletion or Loss from Micro SD Card:

  • While formatting other devices connected to the computer, if people accidentally choose Micro SD Card and format it, then all the photos saved on this card get removed without any warning message.
  • After capturing the photos by using a digital camera, people need to take the preview of them. During this, if they unknowingly press “Delete All” button of the camera, then all the photos saved on this card get removed.
  • Using the same micro SD card with multiple devices can lead to its corruption because there is a chance of virus attack on the card. If the micro SD card gets infected with dangerous viruses, then it will lead to photo deletion or loss from it.
  • Apart from these reasons, there are some other causes by which photos can be deleted or lost from micro SD card such as file system corruption, interruption during photo transferring from micro SD card to system, improper uses of cut paste commands, accidental deletion, etc.

Features of Photos Retrieval Application:

  • With the help of this application, people can easily retrieve photos from micro SD card which can support any file system, including FAT32, EXFAT, and FAT16 within few mouse clicks.
  • This ready to use utility is capable to recover deleted photos from SD card which can be in any file format such as JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PSD, SR2, NEF, KDC, PNG, BMP, K25, DCR, RAF, MRW, DNG, DNG, 3FR, ORF, etc.
  • Photos Retrieval program is available for both Windows and Mac operating system and enable people to recover all deleted or lost photos from micro SD card on all the latest versions of both systems easily.
  • It allows people to retrieve photos from micro SD card based on their file extension, creation date, file type, and file format without any difficulty.
  • Once the recovery of photos from micro SD card is done, people can take the preview of them before keeping these recovered photos to other storage drives within a single mouse click.

Know How to Recover Lost or Deleted Files from Recycle Bin


Recycle Bin is a space on Windows system where deleted files are stored. The space bin is 10 per cent of total space available for hard drive. Sometimes when you deleted large files then instead of getting into recycle bin the files get permanently deleted from system. In such case you need a third party tool to recover recycle bin files without any issues.

Recycle Bin Recovery tool is an application made to recover recycle bin files with great comfort. This tool is robust and reliable so that novice user can even recover data from recycle bin. Using this tool, user is capable to recover files from different version of Windows operating system. Recycle bin recovery tool is a secure application and free from malware and virus programs. You can download this software from website and perform recycle bin recover in few steps.

Scenarios due to which files get deleted or lost from Recycle Bin

Emptied Recycle Bin: The files that are deleted are getting into the recycle bin. If user accidentally empties the recycle bin then all files get deleted from recycle bin permanently. This is very normal scenario for data loss from recycle bin.

Recycle Bin Bypass: The recycle bin also have space limit to store files. If user delete large file then files get bypassed and permanently deleted from system. Under such condition, recovery program can only able to recover files easily.

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes while deleting unwanted files, if you use Shift+Delete button then files get permanently deleted and bypass recycle bin. You can use Recycle Bin Recovery tool to overcome such scenario.

Recycle Bin tool is one of the tool that can be used to recover files from Windows operating system. These tools can easily files of various files format in simple and effective steps.

Features of Recover Recycle Bin Application:

It is most reliable tool to recover deleted files from recycle bin with utmost ease. With the use of this tool, you are able to recover almost 330 files types with few mouse clicks. You can easily recover deleted data from recycle bin and restore them on either CD drive or any other storage device. You can also search the recovered files from large list with the help of file signature. Demo version of this recycle bin recovery tool allows to check the efficiency and afterwards you can purchase. Technical support are always for your help in order to recover deleted files from recycle bin.

Google Chromecast: Easy and Affordable Audio Streaming

google-chromecastChromecast is a digital media player marketed and developed by Google Corp. It was designed as a small dongle which has capability to play media files content on an HD television and directly streaming through Wi-Fi from the Internet or with other local networks. Chromecast device is often known for its web streaming capabilities. With the help of Chromecast, people can easily stream their local files from system to these HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) enabled dongles and also installed application easily.

Streaming audio to speakers seems to be easy like by pressing Play button on mobile devices and sounds come out over there. If it works like that, then you can buy a Bluetooth speaker or an audio/video receiver with Bluetooth. If you are using an older system, then you need to spend more than $100. Few years ago, Streaming media files was in same fashion means with most streaming boxes costing about $100. In current era, Google solved this problem with Chromecast, it is just $35 streaming video stick. In present time, the company is using the same idea for applying the music. The Chromecast Audio prize is also $35, and also following the same concept as its video capable cousin, Google approach works even better for audio than for video.

In $35, this device ships with a 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm analog cable, which associates to the headphone jack. It does not does not contains an amplifier. People need to connect it to speakers that have an amplifier, like most systems or Bluetooth speakers. Alternatively, people can link the Chromecast to an audio / video receiver. If people want to connect the Chromecast to an Audio/ Video receiver, then they should use a stereo RCA to 3.5-mm cable. A main cause to pick the Chromecast over Bluetooth is audio quality. Bluetooth doesn’t have sufficient bandwidth to stream uncompressed music files. The Chromecast is capable by making the use of an analog connection. If you are using an optical cable, then you can play high resolution 96-kHz/24-bit files very easily.

In order to get the device ready, first you need to download the free app, or make the use of Chrome browser on Windows computer. This utility is the same for Chromecast and Chromecast Audio. With the help of this app, you can pause the playback once you have started a cast in another application. On the Devices screen, select Add New Device option and select your device. You can connect to the Chromecast by Wi-Fi, test the connection and select the region. You can also personalize the name of the device and enable Guest Mode, an advanced feature which allows you to cast music without being on your network.

Secure Way to Recover Data from Seagate Hard Drive

Help! Struck in Great Problem!

I have formatted the Seagate hard drive when the drive prompted me to do so, this happened in very hurry. Whatever stored in the drive is very important to me therefore can you help me out with some valuable suggestion.

Don’t worry, there is good news to you, you can get back all the lost data from formatted hard drive. These kind of situations arises mainly when the file system is damaged due to which the drive will not function until it is formatted.


Recovery after Format! Possible!

How is it possible? Is what you may be wondering. When the drive is formatted the file system will reset and all the pointers will be cleared thus every information associated with the data is now lost. However the data isn’t lost anymore. Every time when the data is deleted or when the drive is formatted, it is just the pointer which is cleared and not the data. This is the possible cause behind any data recovery solution, however only under certain specific conditions you can recover the lost data.

The data which is intact even after drive format has the possibilities of overwritten when there is any new data loaded onto drive. Thus do not work with the drive until you recover the data. In order to recover the data you need to utilize a third party utility which can recover data, here is one which can help you get there: Seagate Data Recovery Tool.

Helpful Facts – Seagate Data Recovery Tool

  • Help you recover data from hard drives that are crashed, non-booting, inaccessible, RAW and un-mountable
  • You can not only perform Seagate hard drive recovery but also other brands of hard drives such as Toshiba, Western Digital (WD), Iomega, LaCie, SanDisk, etc.
  • Recover files from other devices such as digital camera, iPods, USB drives, memory cards and many others
  • Data recovery is possible with SATA, SCSI, SSD and IDE hard drives. And supported file systems are NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFSX and HFS+
  • You can recover many kinds of files including video files, audio files, images, archives, documents and various others
  • Can be installed on all popular operating systems of Windows and Mac
  • Simple yet powerful utility to recover Seagate hard drive when it is re-partitioned, formatted or re-formatted
  • You can have a glimpse on the recovered data before storing it onto your accessible drive. Additionally you can save the recovered data onto CD / DVD, or in compressed form to save disk space

Safety Measures

  • Make backup of important data so that if something goes wrong you can easily get back your data
  • Avoid performing repartitioning until and unless you do not have better knowledge of it
  • Make use of good anti-virus program to shield your data from virus and other threats

Some Common Data Loss Situations

  • Emptying recycle bin or trash without looking into it whether it consists the required files
  • Pressing Shift Delete (in Windows computer) can lead to permanent data loss
  • Repartitioning the drive without any knowledge will lead to heavy data loss
  • At times application conflicts can result in data loss

Arrival of USB-C in Force at CES 2016

Recently USB Type-C has achieved its success and is used by many users all around the world. But in June 2015 it’s was far off technology. Not it is proved by CES that port will stay as an updated one.

USB-C is the versatile successor of USB-A and it is also reversible. It is expected that the new MacBook will be starkest demonstration with capabilities of USB Type-C I.e. It is helpful to charge the laptop, peripherals can be plugged in, to attach external display and also it is useful to plug in any other devices except headphones jack.

131984-md-34614-hyperdrive_usb_c_hubRecently the USB Type-C port has released, which will enable you to plug in a SD cards, monitor, peripherals of USB-A, Ethernet cable and power. Also for a new MacBook, single-cable docking solution can be created with only one step and it is necessary to create because for a new port there will be lack of native devices.

The USB Type-C is not yet displayed officially and it is observed that some smart peripherals that are plugged into a USB-C-equipped laptop don’t require any adapter.

The business card Samsung of size T3 SSD will perfectly fit for the compact devices by slimline designed by USB-C. The BreakSafe USB-C cable of Griffin is a neat way to restore magnetic charging for the new MacBook. The USB Type-C hubs are shown by Belkin with pass through charging and above permutation of imaginable cable.

So far the most peripherals that are compelling are USB-C monitors. But Lenovo, Acer and LG are introducing their own models and depend on the product category. In these products you can charge your laptop using a single cable at the same time. To dock your laptop on the desk, USB-C monitors will be clutter-free and convenient way.

Apple have approached a lot of initial attention for USB-C post and now to be clear that whenever you go to buy a laptop you make sure that the laptop is with at least a single USB Type-C port.

The manufacturers of peripherals and the adopters are manufacturing them in such a way that within a limit of one or two years the options of shopping the accessories will be reduced.

Even after a lot of advantages of USB-C, USB-A will not go away soon because it is also the effective technology in the current market.

Know How to Access Your PC Files Remotely

2121In this technical era, people uses system and smart phones. Generally they save their information like contact number, email address, etc. in mobile or desktop. While using system, they want to sync their information with system. So to sync or get connected with entire information stored in smart phone or system, you need an application which enables you to sync information automatically.
In order to performing synchronization operations between the devices, Pushbullet is an advanced application which generally transfers the messages between devices. This application is available for different platforms including, mobile phones, desktop, web app, browser extension along with standalone program. Pushbullet application is mainly used for sending text messages, links, images or file across devices, automatically synchronizing clipboards and displaying notifications of a smart phone on the system. With the help of this utility, user can send messages from their device to other user device easily.

In other word, we can say that, it is service which is used to fill the gaps between the devices like mobiles and desktops. It is advanced way to get connected with your mobile phones. If you have not used Pushbullet recently, then it is a good time to check out all the cool stuff it can do. It also makes the use of Chrome’s rich notification system to show you notifications that have been mirrored from your browser or sent from the Pushbullet tool to your device.

Like Pushbullet, Firefox browser also has a similar notification function, however, it is a little bit less robust. With the help of this tool, you can send the link from your system Chrome or Firefox extension, to your phone or tablet with the click of a button. If you want to send a link to a page, Pushbullet will automatically fill in the title and link, so that you can select the device and hit push to send it.

For copying a file like pictures, videos, music files, PDFs, APKs from device to another, Pushbullet app just copy them easily. If you want to open a map address from desktop to mobile phone, then it simply sends the link of that particular address to the mobile phones. Even you can also send the address without opening the maps with the address functions. If you want to add a link as a contact in Pushbullet, then you can send pushes to the other phone by simply changing the target device.

How to Use Google Now?

If you learn about Google Now and you can get latest information about News, Movies, Sports scores, traffic information and weather, and so on. Let us describe some common uses of Google are described below:

Keep Your Commute Simple

You can save the time and make it lot of works such as events, seeing movies, doing work, and many more. If you enter your work address in its settings, it’ll always let you know how long it’ll take to get there, so you don’t get unexpectedly caught in traffic.

Keep an eye on Sports and Stocks

You probably already know about this one, since it’s been there since the beginning. By entering your favorite sports teams and most-followed stocks in Now’s settings, you can get an update on how your team is winning, how your stocks are plummeting, or vice versa. It’ll also track stocks you have searched for and ones you’re tracking on Google Finance.

Go Shopping online and In store

You probably already know that Google Now will provide tracking information for packages you’ve ordered online. But it also helps you shop in the real world, too. If you walk into a mall, it’ll tell you what stores are available, and if you’ve researched a product recently, it’ll even store that carries it. Talk about handy!

Access Tickets for Upcoming Moments

If you have a concert or other event coming up—and you were emailed the ticket—Google Now will remind you of the event, tell you when to leave, and give you one-tap access to the email with your tickets. It also integrates with Fandango so you can scan the tickets right from Google Now.

Get Remainders Anytime, Anywhere

As if all the above weren’t enough, you can tell Google Now to remind you of just about anything, right when you need it the most. Bring up Google Now and tell it to remind you of something at a certain time, or when you reach a certain location. For example, you could have it “Remind me to call Mom in an hour” or “Remind me to take out the trash when I get home.” If you have events in Google Calendar, it’ll remind you when they’re happening and, if they have a location, when you should leave to get there on time. It’ll even remind you when you have bills you need to pay.

The Setup

You won’t get great results unless you set Google Now up with all the information it needs. This will involve some trust on your part. For heavy users of Google services it won’t be an issue, but anyone with privacy concerns is liable to think twice. Google Now is built into Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and above, and you can also now get it as a free iOS app (its part of the Google Search app).