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Approach to recover pen drive data

Formatting any drive is general action for the users of pen drive, who using it from one system to another due to this it sometime, gets corrupted. To use it again any damaged pen drive users necessitate to format it. However, difficulty with formatting any drive is that all its data inside is lost everlastingly.  Therefore, if you desire to retrieve all the data files, which are lost due, formatting then you can recover it by employing Unformat Drive. This tool capable to recover files from formatted pen drive without any problem.

There are number of circumstances, which can lead to loss of data from pen drive like inappropriate removal of pen drive, file system corruption, accidental deletion of files, virus attack, etc.  Sometimes it happens that when inappropriate removal of pen drive leads to loss of data or even may cause file system corruption. If file system is got corrupt then to get control over it again you need to format it next. Let us take a scenario that you are transferring any file from computer to pen drive. So by mistake, one of your friends removed pen drive immediately for fun, resulting in the file system corruption, so now you require formatting it. Since pen drive also had various vital data so you want to restore it anyway.  To recover those files you need to have tool like Unformat Drive, which effortlessly recover formatted pen drive.

Presume you have been shuffling your pen drive from one device to another. Due to such action your pen drive got corrupted. All the files of current trip to goa were on that pen drive. Additional reasons of file loss are due to improper removal of pen drive from PC. When you remove your pen drive improper way, it may result in loss of data from pen drive. So if in any case pen drive is corrupted then single way to recover those files by using recovery tool like Unformat Drive.

Some popular features of this tool are:

  • It has got easy and simple GUI
  • It rapidly scans the entire pen drive and provides grid view of the files that can be recovered
  • Recovers files lost because of regular utilization of same pen drive on different device for example computer, Laptop, etc
  • It has preview option to make sure that files which are recovered
  • Capable to recover data from different file system like FAT16, FAT32 etc

Some precautions, which must be followed in order to recover files from pen, drive:

  • Avoid formatting your pen drive.
  • Stop utilizing it any further, if you have lost/deleted vital data files from external drive
  • Do not store any new data on the pen drive from where data is to be recovered since this will overwrite the file location.

Thus by going through the glimpse of this tool, we can say that it can be used to recover files from pen drive. Anyone can get this tool from internet.