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Advice to Recover Lost Data from Windows 8

Windows 8 was developed by Microsoft with improvement in the performance of the operating system. Many features and options were updated in this operating system. Users get little difficulty while using the Windows 8 for the first time. But once it is habituated, users will have great fun with the applications of this operating system. 8.1 Windows operating system was developed based on this. The following are the new features which were added in the Windows 8 operating system

  • File explorer named in place of the Windows explorer and made some changes in the explorer such as ribbon is placed in place of the command bar and file operating dialog box has been updated with many details statics. A new file history option allow user to back up the data from the secondary device.
  • Task manger has redesign with new techniques. It includes a new processor tab which allow user to know about the different tab running in the device. A heat map with the help of different colors indicates the level of resource usage. Additionally blue screen of death has been updated with the simpler and modern design.
  • Safety and security has given more priority as because it is very much needed in this modern world in order to access their own files privately. Password pattern and many more options were implemented in this new operating system. It also allow parent account holder to know about the activities of their children account. Windows 8 includes integrated system recovery with using the functions of refresh and reset.
  • Online service is very much developed for this operating system. The different options that included in the online tool like Internet explorer 10, flash player, air plane mode, etc. With the help of these options, user will have good usage of the internet applications without any hesitations.
  • Many apps were newly added to the Windows Store app. By downloading it from Windows store the apps can be use.
  • The interference and desktop has made changes by implementing the tile system to the appearance of application to the user.

These are some features which were added to the Windows 8 operating system. While coming to the usage it is most widely use because of these applications. It allows users to store and share the data with the other device in many different ways.  But in some scenarios there is chance that user may lose important data from device and user may think how to find lost files in Windows 8? It is important to as recover lost files in windows 8 by using any recovering tool. When compare to other tools, File Recovery Software works well to retrieve data. Let us see the features of this prominent tool.

Ideal features of File Recovery Software:

  • It is design in a way that it provides the solution for the scenario how to find lost files in windows 8 and get the files back to the device in a very short span of time.
  • This tool works on almost all the platforms of Windows operating system like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.
  • It uses session recovery option which usually saves the valuable time of the user and makes the user easy way know how to find lost files in windows 8.
  • This Software works to get back the data if the files lost due to various reasons like human mistake, file corrupt, formatting device, etc.